Marshall Army Airfield (MAAF) provides fully integrated fixed-base helicopter, fixed wing and unmanned aerial systems support for Army aviation assets assigned to, or training at Fort Riley.

Airfield Services

  • Airfield Flight Operations
  • Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Ground Controlled Approach Facility
  • Airspace Information Center
  • Air Traffic Services Maintenance
  • USAF Weather
  • Airfield Safety
  • Airspace Management
  • Rapid Refuel Facility
  • A Crash/Fire/Rescue station. 

The airfield also provides UH-60 A/L/M, AH-64E, CH-47F and AVCATT flight simulators for both Fort Riley and regional Army National Guard aviation units.


Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System at Marshall Army Airfield


US Air Force C-17 Training at
Marshall Army Airfield


Marshall Army Airfield:

  • Maintains Airfield to DoD & FAA Standards;
  • Provides quality ATC, Flight Dispatch, Weather and Limited Transient Operations services;
  • Coordinates all Airfield Activities;
  • Ensures compliance with National Air Traffic & Airspace program;
  • Provides a comprehensive Safety Program;
  • Supports Tenant Units and Other Agencies;
  • Ensures Safe Air and Ground Operations;
  • Protects the Environment & Support the Local Community;
  • Coordinates Emergency Services;
  • Prepares for Contingencies & Emergencies;
  • Maintains Facilities, Sustain Equipment;
  • Inputs Service Orders and Work Orders for Airfield specific Equipment and Pavements;
  • Responsible for Local Flying Rules and Limited Use Helicopter Landing Site surveys.


Kansas National Guard Advanced Turbine Engine Army Maintenance (ATEAM)
at Marshall Army Airfield