For questions regarding your Reassignment, Stabilization, Deferment/Deletion, TCS, please contact your S-1 for assistance or email the Reassignment Section at:

How do I get my orders?

Once the Reassignment Office receives your assignment, they will email your Assignment Notification to you and your S-1 with instructions on when to attend the Levy Brief. Once you have attended the levy briefing the reassignment section will cut your orders within 90 days of your DEROS. 

How do I get my clearing papers?

You will receive an email from Personnel Services with the date and time that you can pick up your Clearing Papers and receive your out-processing brief.

*You must be in appropriate duty uniform when out-processing.
** Missing or inaccurate information will result in processing delays.
***All sections of your clearing papers must be complete.


The Levy Brief is a transitional tool for outgoing Soldiers and Family members. It serves to provide guidance and useful information to members of the armed forces who have been reassigned to another military post. These briefings play an important role in transitioning military personnel from one station to another.
SMART VOUCHERS: The Army Military Pay Offices are implementing the DFAS Smart Voucher (SV) Workflow system across CONUS installations and Japan NLT 31 Dec 21.  SV is a TurboTax-like version of the Military PCS Voucher, which a soldier can complete on both government computer with CAC or on their own personal communication device with MyPay Login ID and Password.  It is a web-based system which walks the Soldier through a series of questions to complete their voucher during in processing, and allows for virtual submission. Soldiers can access SV at the following site:
USAGO Levy Brief