A message from the SEC DEF

A message from the SEC ARMY

New Employees


The 10th Support Group Staff Judge Advocate’s office is here to assist DA Civilian employees with understanding the rules that govern your conduct as an Army employee, including the Standards of Conduct for Employees. 

Basically, public office is a public trust and you may not use your government office for private gain.  Below you will find basic information about the ethics rules applicable to US Army employees.  The 10th Support Group Staff Judge Advocate is available to assist with any ethics questions you may have.  Please contact us at 315-652-4783 or email us at usarmy.torii.usarpac.list.10th-sg--sja@army.mil.


Initial Ethics Training: 

All new Army employees are required to take initial ethics training.  The online training is located at: TRAINING AND SURVEY GENERATOR (ARMY.MIL).  After completing the ethics training, please email your training certificate to your director.  Completion of this online training meets the requirements for initial ethics training.


Annual Ethics Training:

For those needing or interested in annual training, here is the link: The Annual Ethics Training



REQUIRED POLITICAL ACTIVITIES BRIEFING: Participation in Political Activities


Financial Disclosure

The U.S. Army uses Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) for you to file and maintain your Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 450).  The link to FDM is: https://www.fdm.army.mil. If your position is identified as an OGE 450 Filer or as a supervisor of an OGE 450 Filer, your ethics counselor will assign you a role (either “Filer” or “Supervisor.”) 

New Entrant.  If you are a new entrant in a position that requires that you file an OGE 450, your report is due within 30 days of assuming the position (or the date your Supervisor informed you that a change in duty requires you to file).

Annual OGE 450 Filer:  Annual OGE 450s are due on 15 February of each year, but it is strongly recommended that you complete it by 15 January.

Filing an OGE 450 Report (Video)

OGE 450 Quick Reference Guide

Who can answer questions about your OGE 450 report?
Contact your Ethics Counselor or Supervisor