How to request the use of Chapel facilities  

Unit Activities or Events:  All requests for events or training should be scheduled 30 days prior to event

    - Unit activities can be planned between 45 to 60 days prior to the event, but should be scheduled no later than 30 days prior.

    - A chaplain sponsor is required for all unit/organization activities.

    - Any Training or Religious Activity Requests that are received less than 30 days in advance cannot be guaranteed and may require a memorandum requesting exception to policy signed by an O-3 or higher and will be considered on a case-by-case basis

    - Once the chapel facility is reserved, a confirmation e-mail or phone call will be made to the point of contact for the event. Be sure to provide a good contact number and e-mail.

    - Requests will not be put on the calendar without a complete request form turned-in.

    - The Sponsoring Chaplain or their assistant MUST BE PRESENT at all events they sponsor. The Unit UMT is responsible for making coordination with the Key Custodian/Chapel NCOIC for the keys and a copy of the approved request.  The Unit UMT will also be responsible for ensuring the Chapel is cleaned after the event.


Click here for FGGM Chapel Use Policy 

Click here for Chapel Use Request Form



    Click here for Procedures for requesting a wedding at one of the chapels

    Click here for Wedding application form

    - Visitor Control Center guest access requests for non DOD ID card holders should be requested directly from the VCC.


If you have any further questions, contact Argonne Hills Chapel Center, (301) 677-6035 / 0156 or the Garrison Chaplains office at: 301 677-6703.