TMO/HHG are no longer accepting hand-carried documents. Documents should be e-mailed to the customer: or the Counseling Office point of contact: For household goods (HHG) inquiries, please call: 301-677-9639/9637/9638


The Logistics Readiness Center directs and coordinates certain garrison logistics functions including provision of supplies and services, maintenance and management of material and equipment, movement of material and personnel, logistical support planning, and logistical readiness. LRC also provides logistics guidance to supported activities.

Plans and Operations Division

77 Rock Avenue
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Works closely with all LRC customers, both internal and external, to develop, plan, and communicate synchronized and integrated processes to properly identify, forecast and implement the support necessary for the successful execution of all LRC missions.

  • Operations: 301-677-9192/3467, Bldg. 77
    • Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Program Analyst / Budget: 301-677-9192, Bldg. 77
    • Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Quality Assurance/COR: 301-677-9192, Bldg. 77
    • Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Supply and Services Division

2460 85th Medical Battalion Ave.
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Provides service support for retail supply (requisitioning & property turn-in), dining facility (active, reserve & civilians), installation property book accountability (in & out processing), laundry & dry cleaning services (Army personnel), and warehouse storage (tenant unit storage cages).

  • Division Chief/Accountable Officer: 301-677-9413, Bldg. 2460

    Provides operation support for all supply & services branches for garrison and tenant activities. Manages functions within SSA, Freedom Inn Dining Facility, installation property book, laundry & dry cleaning, Maintenance Branch, and storage warehouse.

  • Supply Support Activity (SSA): 301-677-9467/9139/9290, Bldg. 2240/2241/2243

    Provides service support for retail supply (requisitioning & property turn-in), and fuel point operations (Bldg. T-68).

  • Installation Property Book Office: 301-677-9271, Bldg. 8501, Rm. 2460

    Maintains property accountability for HQ, USAG Fort Meade and the Logistics Readiness Center.

  • Food Services: 301-677-9193, Bldg. 8501, Rm. 2460

    Provides nutritional and quality subsistence support for all service members assigned to Fort Meade's area of responsibility.

  • Storage Cage Warehouse: 301-677-9081, Bldg. 77

    Warehouse storage operations will permanently be closed as of 30 Aug.

  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services: 301-677-9271, Bldg. 2244
    • Hours of Operation: Mon, Wed & Fri 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Maintenance Branch

2460 85th Medical Battalion Ave.
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Provides mechanical and operational support for LRC, and garrison owned vehicles and equipment. Coordinates and facilitates scheduled services, repairs, and breakdown repairs of assigned equipment. Maintains safe and operational readiness in support of post operations.

  • Maintenance Officer: 301-677-9352, Bldg. 2460

    Oversees contractor operations and SOP compliance. Liaison for contractor and garrison operations.

  • Maintenance Shop Office: 301-677-9003, Bldg. 2246D

    Processes customer maintenance requests and addresses concerns and needs as required.


Transportation Division

2234 Pepper Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Manages all installation transportation activities associated with the Personal Property Processing Office, passenger travel, GSA fleet management, residential household shipment inspections, POV storage, transportation motor pool operation, and freight movement.

  • Installation Transportation Officer: 301-677-9930, Bldg. 2234, Rm. 118 Provides efficient, responsive, and quality transportation services, traffic management and unit movement, consisting of the following work centers: Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO), Official Travel Personnel Movements (port call, group moves, commercial billing accounts), Unit Moves, Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) storage, Freight-Outbound, and the Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) with the assigned geographic area of responsibility (AOR).
  • Passport Office: 301-677-9749/2558, Bldg. 2234, Rm. 100

    Provides official passports/visas for military service members, family members and DoD civilians on official OCONUS travel. **FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS, GO TO:

  • Personal Property Shipping Counselors: 301-677-9638/9633/9637, Bldg. 2234, Rm. 116

    Provides counseling services for various modes of household goods/POV shipments for military members, family members and DoD civilians on official PCS/TDY orders for CONUS/OCONUS assignments. Additionally we provide counseling and briefings for military personnel on retirement and separation orders. This office is also responsible for providing quality assurance inspections on INBOUND/OUTBOUND shipments.


  • Transportation Motor Pool: 301-677-2752/2753, Bldg. 69

    TMP operations manages a GSA leased fleet, and all requirements associated with the management and use of fleet vehicles. The TMP also manages the internal/external MARC shuttle program for employees commuting to the installation.

  • Freight Office: 301-677-9466/9468

    Manages all cargo movement via commercial carrier/FEDEX, inbound and outbound shipments of government equipment, using commercial or military modes of transportation, and provides unit deployment support.

  • Passenger Travel (Official): 301-677-9688/9685, Bldg. 2234, Rm. 101

    Provides travel counseling and the authorization and approval for official travel service for CONUS/OCONUS, PCS/TDY/deployment travel.

  • Quality Control Office: 301-677-9352/9628, Cell: 301-356-3105/3182, Bldg. 2234, Rm. 100

    Responsible for providing quality assurance inspections on INBOUND/OUTBOUND shipments, VIP shipments. Provides quality assurance oversight on all household goods shipments in and out of the AOR. Liaises with the JPPSOMA Quality Management section, Ft. Belvoir, VA to ensure pick-up and delivery services are in compliance with all governing regulations.

  • POV Storage: 301-677-9639/9930, Bldg. 8501, Rm. 118

    Provides POV storage for the entire National Capitol Region (NCR) for single military service members or dual deployed married service members on deployment/PCS orders.