Providing quality facilities and support for the training and readiness of military personnel and units of all branches and components of America's Armed Forces... in EVERY season.


  • A Decisive Action Training Environment to support Unified Land Operations – Combined Arms Maneuver for Infantry Brigade Combat Teams and Wide Area Security for Maneuver Enhanced and Sustainment Commands in a four season environment.
  • Premier Total Force Training Center Army Installation for Army Early Response Force (AERF) Early Deploying Units to meet the Army’s Operational Demand Requirements.
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive Integrated Training Environment – Mission Training Center Capabilities.
  • Support Total Force and Total Army Training and Readiness for all branches and components of America’s Armed Forces. More than 150,000 joint, interagency, and multinational forces conducting integrated training annually.

Decade of Excellence

Fort McCoy's Decade of Excellence won the Layout and Design category in the 2021 IMCOM Communications Keith L. Ware awards competition. The magazine provides an overview Fort McCoy's growth and activities during the decade from 2011-2020. 

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Fort McCoy

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