Inbound Soldiers

Congratulations on your assignment to Fort Lee!

Fort Lee is piloting a new sponsorship program designed to be more interactive and accessible for both the Soldier and the Sponsor. It instantly puts important information in the palm of your hand that you can take anywhere and review at any time. This pilot program is used in lieu of ACT for all inbound Fort Lee permanent party Soldiers.

To request a Sponsor from Fort Lee units you will need to go to Microsoft (MS) Teams. You can do this either through their downloadable app or through a web browser. Both the app and the web browser version of MS teams is accessible by either a government funded electronic device (work computer or phone) or on a personal electronic device (laptop, tablet, and phone). Log into MS Teams using your Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) email address (ex: If you do not have a CVR account you can get assistance from the AESD Help desk or this CVR Guide:

Once you have logged in to MS Teams using your CVR Account, select the “Join or create team” page, located in the bottom left corner of the Teams tab. Then in the upper right hand corner search bar enter “Fort Lee Sponsorship.” Join the Fort Lee Sponsorship team, then click the channel marked “Newcomers Start Here.” Follow the instructions listed on the page.

Outbound Soldiers

One of the most important pre-move actions you can take is to request a sponsor.

Unless instructed to do otherwise on your orders (i.e. outbound to JBLM, XVIII ABN CORPS FBNC) please log into the Army Career Tracker (ACT) Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) and complete the DA Form 5434 in the ACT TASP at Your request will be forwarded to your gaining unit/agency and the designated sponsor will contact you by email or via the ACT system with information about your new unit/agency.

Sponsorship Survey


An important part of completing the in-processing checklist is completing the Sponsorship Feedback Questionnaire. Once you have completed all in-processing requirements at the installation and unit level, you will be prompted via email to return to the Fort Lee Sponsorship application to complete the feedback questionnaire.


In Army Career Tracker (ACT) Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP), complete the Sponsorship out-processing survey in ACT by accessing the Sponsorship tab and the Forms subtab. The survey will be saved in ACT and show as completed.

Sponsorship Training

For personnel assigned to be a sponsor, training information is accessible on the MS Teams Fort Lee Sponsorship page on under the channel marked “Training Materials” or at the following SharePoint link (Authentication CAC Certificate required).

Contact Information

If you have questions about sponsorship, please contact the Fort Lee Sponsorship Liaison:
Email the Fort Lee Sponsorship Liaison
Phone: (804) 734-7841/7279; DSN: 687
Building 3400, Room 206
1401 B Ave
Fort Lee, VA 23801

For Technical Support with CVR or downloading MS Teams you can contact the AESD Help Desk.
Phone: 1-866-335-Army

For support using the Fort Lee Sponsorship application
Teams: MS Teams Channel “Help Desk” under the Fort Lee Sponsorship team page
Phone: (804) 765-1618