Mission: To provide the most efficient in- and out-processing for Fort Gregg-Adams Soldiers.

Out-processing Procedures

  • Soldiers must out-process in uniform.
  • Soldiers must schedule a final-out appointment through their unit S-1 at least 11 working days before their planned leave start date. Final-out appointments are mandatory.
  • Soldiers must submit a leave form (Absence Request in IPPS-A) to the DHR at least 11 working days before their leave start date.
  • In most cases, the final-out appointment will be the last duty day before the Soldier's leave begins. In other cases, the final-out appointment may be the day the leave begins.
  • Soldiers should schedule their housing appointment two days prior to their final out appointment date.
  • Soldiers must attend a mandatory Out-processing finance briefing.  For more details click here.
  • Soldiers should contact their designated records clerk at least two working days prior to their final-out appointment to verify that activities have been cleared.
  • Enlisted Personnel with last names beginning with A - L: (804) 734-7089
  • Enlisted Personnel with last names beginning with M - Z: (804) 734-6722
  • Officer/Warrant Officer Personnel: (804) 734-6722

Documents Needed for Out-processing

  • Absence Request Form, Leave Form, approved in IPPS-A by the unit commander
  • One copy of orders and amendments
  • DA Form 137-1, Unit Clearance Form, signed by the unit commander or 1SG
  • Copy of housing/barracks clearance (if applicable)
  • DA Form 4036-R, Medical Form *
  • Force Protection Briefing memorandum signed by S-2 for assignments to Germany, Korea, Middle East, etc; not needed for Hawaii or Alaska

* = applies if being reassigned overseas

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