Mission: To provide the most efficient in- and out-processing for Fort Gregg-Adams Soldiers.

Out-processing Procedures

  • The Personnel Services Branch is the out-processing control center for Fort Gregg-Adams Permanent Party Soldiers.
  • Soldiers must schedule a final-out appointment through their Unit S-1 at least 11 working days before their planned leave start date. Final-out appointments are mandatory.
  • Soldiers must submit a leave form (Absence Request in IPPS-A) to the PSB at least 11 working days before their leave start date.
  • In most cases, the final-out appointment will be the last duty day before the Soldier's leave begins. In other cases, the final-out appointment may be the day the leave begins.
  • Soldiers are authorized up to 10 working days to clear the installation, and all Permanent Party clearing is conducted using digital signatures in the DA Installation Support Module (DA ISM or "ISM") system.
  • Soldiers requesting a clearing schedule less than 10 working days must have their BN XO or CSM request a short-fuse final-out from the PSB via email. Soldiers should schedule their housing appointment two days prior to their final out appointment date.
  • Soldiers must attend a mandatory Out-processing briefing conducted by AMPO/Finance. For more details visit the Army Military Pay Office page.
  • Soldiers should contact their designated PSB Records Clerk at least two working days prior to their final-out appointment to verify that all activities have been cleared in ISM.
  • Enlisted Personnel: (571) 644-3252
  • Enlisted Personnel: (520) 944-9773
  • Officer/Warrant Officer Personnel: (520) 691-3614

Documents Needed for Out-processing

  • Absence Request Form, approved in IPPS-A by the Unit Commander
  • One copy each of PCS orders and any amendments/addendums
  • DA Form 137-1, Unit Clearance Form, signed by the Unit CDR or 1SG
  • Copy of housing/barracks clearance (if applicable)
  • DA Form 4036-R, Medical Form* (only for those on OCONUS assignments)
  • Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training certificate (only for those on OCONUS assignments EXCEPT Hawaii or Alaska)

* Secure electronic submission of documents may be authorized. Please check with your PSB Records Clerk for details.

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