Providing world class finance and accounting service for the military and defense agencies, the Army Military Pay Office at Fort Gregg-Adams provides military pay operations to Army Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Service Members. Our goal is to pay Soldiers what they are entitled to timely and with accuracy. We are a fully integrated financial service provider here to support and serve the brave men and women who serve our country and protect our way of life.

Permanent Party In-Processing

Soldiers arriving to Fort Gregg-Adams on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders must submit an In-Processing packet using the Smart Voucher System at https://smartvoucher.dfas.mil/voucher/ .  Smart Voucher will allow Service Member (SM) to create a DD Form 1351-2 (Travel Voucher) and attach proper documentation such as: Complete/signed DA31, Orders, Amendments, Lodging receipts, proof of payment.

Two ways to access Smart Voucher:

  1.  Go directly to Smart Voucher at https://smartvoucher.dfas.mil/voucher/, or
  2.  SM may also find it at Quick Links at the MyPay page. If you enter using MyPay, please do not login until after you arrive at the Smart Voucher link on the Quick Links.

Useful Information links:

  1. DD form 1351-2 Travel Voucher Checklist
  2. Mil PCS Smart Voucher (SV) Quick Start Guide V1
  3. Mil PCS Smart Voucher (SV) Quick Start Guide V2


Permanent Party Out-Processing Briefing

Conducted every Wednesday at 0900hrs
Location: Soldier Support Center (SSC)) Bldg. 3400, Auditorium Rm 138
SM must provide a DA 31 and copy of orders during the finance briefing
The AMPO will clear Soldiers from ISIMS NLT than the day before their leave starts

Contact Information: (804) 734-6363/7287 DSN 687

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Contact Information

Director (520) 687-7244
Deputy (520) 687-7242
Customer Service Supvr. (804) 734-7287 & (520) 687-7253
Customer Service Questions (520) 687-9593/9588/9592
Accessions Technician (520) 692-9588
Dept Desk Technician (520) 687-7223
IN/OUT Processing Supvr. (804) 734-6363 & (520) 687-7255
Processing/Travel Questions (520) 687-7258/7230
MY PAY PIN Reset (520) 692-9589
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