Fort Knox Visual Information (FKVI) provides multimedia services to Fort Knox garrison and tenant activities. 


To request Visual Information Services, utilize the Visual Information Ordering System (VIOS) web site at https://vios.army.mil and select East to complete a 3903 (Work Request).  With the exception of DA and command board photos, all Visual Information support requires prior customer reimbursement.  Upon submission of a VIOS request, a quote will be provided in advance for all reimbursable services.

Reservations for the photography studio are available via the VIOS website.  Additional FKVI services include location photography, video production, live web streaming and presentation support at Haszard Auditorium, Waybur Theater, Brooks Field and many other Fort Knox venues. 

Photography Services: Harmon Hall, Building 1720

Video Services: Gaffey Hall, Building 2369

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.