Services include


Soldier Talent Profile (STP)

The Soldier Readiness Branch can make STP updates in accordance with published guidance and with supporting documentation.  It is the Soldier's responsibility to ensure that his or her STP is accurate. Soldiers must provide the appropriate supporting documents to the records clerk when requesting updates.  Suggest that Soldiers request the assistance of their unit administrative/S1 personnel before requesting the support of the Military Personnel Division. 

Requests for services can be done in person or via personnel Action Request (PAR) Through IPPS-A
Submit supporting documentation to UDL: KNOX_MPD_RECORDS


DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data

The record of emergency data is the responsibility of every Soldier.  Regulation requires this document updated at least annually, and immediately after every change of information, and life event.  Dependent data must be updated in the enrollment eligibility reporting system (DEERS), prior to updating the DD Form 93.  Walk-ins are welcome during normal business hours, no appointment is necessary. 

Name change

Legal name changes, and corrections requested in person or VIA personnel Action Request (PAR) in IPPS-A.  The PAR should be processed through the Soldier’s chain of command, approved and signed by the company commander.  The PAR and legal source documentation, containing the name change, are required for processing. 


DA Form 1506, Statement of Service-For Computation of Length of Services for Pay Purposes

Soldiers needing a service computation for pay purposes should reach out to their career counselor for further guidance. Reference AR 637-1, paragraph 1-4j & 2-2b for further information.


Naturalization packet

The Soldier Readiness Branch can assist with the completion and submission of the naturalization packet.  Please contact Soldier Readiness for additional information.


Army human resource record (AMHRR) upload

Documents added to the army military human resource record (AMHRR); requests sent via the Soldiers unit administrative personnel/S1 to the Military Personnel Division.  Soldiers can also hand carry records in for upload.  Only documents listed on AMHRR required documents list, per army regulation 600-8-104, are eligible for addition to the Soldiers record. 


Statement of service memorandum

A statement of service memorandum provides the Soldier’s current service dates in the military.  Usually requested when a Soldier is currently active duty and needs to prove this information to an outside source (a mortgage company for example).  Source documents are not required to complete this request. 


Identification Tags

Identification (ID) tags are used for identification, casualty reporting, and grave-registration purposes. Each Soldier must have two sets of ID tags and the information contained on the tags must be correct.  Identification tags are made upon the Soldiers/units request, in accordance with DA PAM 600-8-14.  Identification tags can be made for an individual deployer, unit deployments, or for individual Soldier’s. Soldier’s should go to their unit’s supply office and request blank ID tags (PN: PB912SS / NSN: 8465-00-242-4804) and bring them to building 2020.  We cannot use the ID tags from clothing and sales in our machines. 

Individual requests should be made in person at building 2020.
Units should contact building 2020, 502-626-0183, for additional information regarding large requests.