Reassignment processing is key to ensuring Soldiers complete permanent change of station as directed by HQDA. The personnel reassignment process ensures that the eligibility of Soldiers who receive Assignment Instruction (AI) is verified, that travel assistance is provided, and that Soldiers are prepared for movement. Reassignment processing begins upon receipt of AI, and ends with the issuance of permanent change of station (PCS) orders.

Review the online levy brief to see required paperwork and actions for PCS orders.  Once all requirements are met, PCS orders will be published for Soldiers in the categories of exempt, unrestricted, and waivered, SAB must receive a copy of the waiver.  Soldiers in the category of restricted will not have orders published until the gaining and losing location are unrestricted or a waiver is provided.

1.  Exempt:  Exempt travel does not require a waiver; either the exemption will be indiact on orders or travelers will carry a memorandum describing the exemption.

2.  Unrestricted:  Considered unrestricted if the origin, destination, and all intermediate stops are designated unrestricted locations.

• Final verification of unrestricted status will be confirmed by the unit NET 10 days before movement

3.  Restricted:  Considered restricted if any one of the origin, destination, or intermediate stops are designated restricted.  Travel can only proceed if assignment deemed Mission Essential, Humanitarian, or Extreme Hardship with and approved waiver.  Waiver should be signed by the first GO/SES in the traveler’s chain of command.

• Required documents:  GO Waiver and Amendment if feasible.

4.  Waivered:  Assignment is considered Mission Essential, Humanitarian, or Extreme Hardship.  Waiver should be signed by the first GO/SES in the traveler’s chain of command.

• Required documents:  GO Waiver and Amendment if feasible

If PCS orders are already published, an amendment is not required for exempt or waivered travel but the Soldier will require a unit memo.

Reassignment Briefings are conducted in person every Tuesday (CONUS & OCONUS) at Haszard Auditorium at 1330 Hrs.

  • Tour election or travel entitlements
  • TDY options for schooling in conjunction with PCS
  • Exceptional Family Member Program
  • Married Army Couple Program
  • Home base or Advanced Assignment Program

Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement


  • All Soldiers being reassigned overseas must be scanned to determine if they meet medical and dental standards for the overseas assignment.

  • Report to your assigned Dental Clinic for review of your dental records and have them “Stamp” the front of the DA Form 4036. Clinic hours of operation are 7:20 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

  • Jordan Dental Clinic: 502-626-8301, 502-626-8303


  • Soldiers and Families identified to PCS to Korea are highly encouraged to visit 8th Army's Newcomers section on the official home page of the Eighth Army. (  The Korean peninsula has undergone major transformations and this website is designed to assist Soldiers and Families with a before travel and inprocessing guide. This website also serves as an online One-Stop where personnel can connect and learn about the program and services offered in their future community.
  • Command Sponsorship Program (CSP): There is a cap limiting the Army’s Command Sponsored (CS) slots in Korea. The Adjutant General (AG) will not issue orders without an approved CS number from MPD-Yongsan Korea and all required screening has been successfully completed.
  • IAW AR 614-30, table 4-1, rule 1, Joint Domicile tours in Korea are a 24 month accompanied tour. Joint Domicile in conjunction with an approved CS is a 24 month tour. Joint domicile with a disapproved CS is a one year tour for both Service Members. Only one Member of a Joint Domicile couple needs to apply for CSP.
  • Sponsorship: Incoming Soldiers will be assigned a sponsor from the gaining unit. If you have not been contacted by your sponsor from your projected unit within 60 days of your report date, visit and navigate to your projected unit of assignment’s home page to contact a representative from your projected unit. Further, all Soldiers are required to complete a sponsorship survey within 30 days of arrival. If your sponsor has already contacted you then complete survey in advance of arrival.
  • PCSing with pets to Korea: Stringent pet information requirements took effect December 1, 2012. For the most current information on PCSing with pets, please visit the 106th Medical Detachment (VSS) ( website.


  • Due to recent heightened force protection measures, all personal (to include those on leave) arriving or traveling within the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) AOR will wear appropriate civilian attire that does not readily convey affiliation with the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • Personnel are encouraged to take steps to limit wearing and carrying items that display a distinct DOD or U.S. signature, i.e. military duffel bags, flight bags, and ACU patterned backpacks or carry-ons.
  • Ramstein Airbase arrivals on the Patriot Express will be charged 55 EUROS per pet.  Frankfurt International airport arrivals will be charged 35 EUROS per accompanied pet or 55 EUROS for an unaccompanied pet.  Fees increase by 50 percent for pets arriving on a weekend or holiday.  Payment of the fee can only be paid by credit card.  These fees cannot be claimed for reimbursement on an official travel voucher.
  • For newcomers information to USAREUR log onto


  • All PCS travel for Soldiers must be arranged to ensure travelers arrive at Ramstein Airbase.  Garrison reassignments offices, commercial travel agencies, or Soldiers arranging their own travel, must ensure all travel is scheduled via military chartered airlift (Patriot Express). 
  • NATO orders are now required to all Germany assignments.  Please provide your flight itinerary to the reassignments office as soon as you receive it.
  • Flights are from Baltimore Washington International airport for arrival at Ramstein Airbase, Monday through Friday only.  Scheduling of weekend and federal holiday arrivals is strictly prohibited. 
  • Arriving soldiers and families can expect serious delays in-processing and arrangement of travel to their community of assignment should any circumstances result in pcs arrivals to a commercial airport in Germany. 
  • Personnal arriving to a commercial airport in Germany should contact the RGRC for transportation arrangements and additional reporting guidance.  The RGRC can be reached at (in Germany) 0162-270-9986 or (outside Germany) +1 49 162-270-9986; DSN 314-484-8487.
  • Soldiers PCSing to USAG Bavaria.  Due to quarantine requirements, ACS lending closets and AAFES in Germany may not be able to keep up with the anticipated demand.  Soldiers/Families are encouraged to pack items in their regular baggage Soldiers PCSing with command sponsored family members should pack in their unaccompanied baggage, linen (blanket/sheets and pillow cases. Some towels/wash cloths etc.) and basic kitchen items, (plates, silverware, pots/pans/skillet, glasses, cup, etc..)
  • AAFES has very limited items. ACS Lending Closets will eventually be emptied or run low. Due to COVID-19, Soldiers and Families are quarantining in their assigned quarters with only what their sponsor can get for them.


  • PCS travel to Vicenza, Italy must be arranged to ensure travelers arrive via commercial air at Marco Polo International airport in Venice.  Travel for Soldier on assignment instructions to units at locations other than Camp Ederle, Vicenza, Italy should be arranged per their orders or travel should contact their gaining unit to ascertain the appropriate airport. 
  • If travel scheduled on a Patriot Express or AMC flight for arrival at Aviano Airbase, upon arrival, contact the Vicenza central processing facility during duty hours at commercial 0444-71-8706 or the Vicenza SDNCO after duty hours and weekends at commercial 0444-71-7867.
  • Passports/VISAs are required for dependents.  No-fee passport and Italian entry VISA is mandatory for all dependents accompanying their sponsor on PCS to Italy.  Soldier/Families should not schedule or ship household goods until VISAs are in hand.

Leave Outside CONUS

  • If you plan on taking leave outside CONUS contact your Unit S1.


  • Requirement for PCS orders:
    • Complete DA form 5434, Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information sheet, with a confirmed sponsor.  Applies to tier I and tier II Soldiers.
    • Reenlistment or extension, if applicable
    • HIV test
    • DA Form 5118, Reassignment Status and Election Statement, for enlisted Soldiers only
    • DA Form 4036, Medical and Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement, applies to all Soldiers PCSing OCONUS
    • The DA Form 5118 and DA Form 4036 must be completed and returned to Solder Actions within 30 working days of attending the reassignment levy brief.

Helpful Telephone Numbers

COMM 502-624-XXX DSN: 464-XXXX / COMM 502-626-XXX DSN: 536-XXXX

  • Reassignment Branch Chief: 502-624-5040
  • Retirement Services: 502-624-7236/6419
  • POV Shipment: 1-855-389-9499
  • Transportation/HHG: 502-624-2037/3927
  • Knox Hills: 502-378-3708
  • Finance: 502-624-2857
  • Army Community Services: 502-624-6291
  • Port calls: 502-624-3007/7285
  • Passports (By appointment only): (502) 624-3857
  • In/Out Processing Building 2020: 502-626-0183
  • Installation Sponsorship Liaison: 502-624-5040/4733