Personnel Automation Branch, Military Personnel Division

Located at White Hall, building 1384, room B2, 25 West Chaffee Avenue, Fort Knox KY 40121.

Hours of operation:  Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. -4 p.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m. -4 p.m..  This agency closes for all federal holidays and garrison training holidays.

Services include:

Automation Support Services

Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)

Strength Accounting Reports

Human Resources Command Identity Management Systems (HIMS) Account Management




Automation Support Services


  • Personnel Automation Analysts offer a wide variety of training on Unit S1 and Commander’s functions.
  • Datastore query
  • Personnel Asset Inventories (PAI)
  • Strength reports
  • eMILPO trouble tickets

eMILPO user assistance:

Personnel Automation Analysts are skilled in troubleshooting system issues.  Analysts can assist in the creation, extension, and unlocking of accounts.

eMILPO User Request Form


Personnel Asset Inventory (PAI)

Personnel Automation Analysts provide guidance to Commander’s and Unit S1’s to assist with the accuracy and compliance of the PAI. 

Contact your Automation Analyst no later than one duty day prior to your scheduled PAI.

Personnel Asset Inventory Quality Assurance Checklist


Strength Accounting Reports

Personnel Automation Analysts can assist with the compliance and filing of Unit specific monthly reconciliation reports.

AAA-162, Unit Personnel Accountability Report

AAA-095, Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (SFPA) Management Report

AAA-165, Unit Personnel Accountability Notices


Human Resources Command Identity Management Systems (HIMS) Account Management

Personnel Automation Analysts can manage and assist with HIMS accounts for all Fort Knox units. Analysts can assist with access, extension, trouble tickets and unlocking of accounts. Personnel Automation Analysts sponsor HIMS for all non-personnel services redesign Fort Knox units.



Data Correctness Campaign

In support of Executive Order 009-16:  HQDA EXORD 009-16 Integrated Personnel and Pay System- Army (IPPS-A) increment II, FRAGO 1 through 5; the data correctness initiative has begun.  The data correctness campaign is a major effort to identify and correct data inconsistencies within every Soldier’s record. Business processes rely heavily on data accuracy and correctness, data-quality will have a tremendous value in operational efficiencies.

Soldiers, Units and System Owners will be required to correct data in the ADS to ensure the data is correct to support the Army’s business processes in IPPS-A.
IPPS-A will publish monthly data correctness metrics.
Commanders, Unit S1s, and Soldiers should begin by completing the new enhanced personnel records review (E-PRR) and reviewing/correcting their data quality assessment report.


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