While the joint base is at HPCON Bravo, all MPD services except ID Cards and Casualty Assistance are virtual.

Transition Branch - Separation/Retirement Briefings

MISSION:  The Transition Center is responsible for assisting Soldiers and families who are transitioning from military service. From normal ETS to voluntary and involuntary separations and retirements, we strive to ensure that the needs of the Soldiers, families and their command are met with the highest professional courtesy and ethics. It is our privilege to serve those who have served our country.

Briefing Schedule: Pre-separation briefings are held in building 417 on Fort Myer the second Tuesday of every month. Please contact MPD’s Transition Center the day prior to verify there are no changes to location or briefing time.

Separation Required Documents: 

1. ETS/UQR/2-Time Non-Select Checklist

2. DA 31 (Leave Form)

  • Must be approved will all appropriate signatres and a control number

3. DA 2648 (E-form SFL-TAP)

  • Digitally Signed

4. Initial Enlistment Contract bringing you on AD

  • 4/1, 4/2; 4/3


  • Ensure it is updated
  • In not, the SM must provide supporting sourced documents for corrections

6. All previous DD 214/NGB 22/NGB 23/ DA 5016

7. PERSTEMPO Memo from S1

8. Separation Address

9. Next of Kin name and address (Please provide on separate papers)

Tips for a Smooth Transition:

1. Address all concerns through your unit S1

2. Separation orders will be published within 7-10 business days of receipt of separation paperwork.

  • Orders will be forwarded to the unit S1

3. The DD214 Worksheet will be published and forwarded to the unit S1 along with separation orders

  • It is the SMs responsibility to review the DD 214 worksheet.

  • If there are any discrepancies regarding the service time, the SM must notify the Action Officer immediately.

  • All other discrepancies will be corrected at the final out-processing appointment

  • When there are discrepancies, the SM must produce supporting documents

4. Request Installation Clearance Papers (ICP)

  • The SM will fill out the request for ICP and the Privacy Act Statement

  • They will provide a copy of the separation orders and DA 31 to the S1

  • MPD will forward the ICP to the S110 business days prior to the start of leave

5. Request personnel out-processing appointment

6. Once the ETS/Separation orders are published, the Action Officer will make an appointment

7. The appointment will be the day prior to the start of the SM’s transition leave

8. Appointment days and times will be emailed to the unit S1 for distribution

9. Request Finance Final Out-Processing Appointment

  • 703-696-3021

10. The SM must ensure they have all documents on the out-processing checklist

11. If the SM is unable to attend the appointment, they must contact the appropriate POC for cancellation notification and rescheduling