The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System is a computerized database for U.S. service members, military retirees, 100% VA disabled veterans, family members, DoD active contractors, and others worldwide who are entitled to Public Key Infrastructure and TRICARE eligibility.

This office issues and replaces the Common Access Card (CAC) and Uniformed Services ID Card for authorized customers and enrolls and/or updates authorized customer information in DEERS.


This RAPIDS site offers limited walk-in service. PIN resets and requests limited to benefit accessibility may be accommodated on a stand-by basis after appointments have been served. Appointments are available up to two months in advance.


Required Documents

Please review the following information to ensure you have the required supporting documents for your appointment, or you will be asked to reschedule. Two valid forms of identification are required to be seen. 

Installation Access 

Persons requesting  access to JBM-HH are subject to identity proofing and vetting. Persons with expired IDs will be routed through access control, and expired IDs will be confiscated. Allot additional time for access. Confiscated IDs will not be available for use as identification for card reissuance. Ensure that an additional form of identification is available.

Form Requirement, Enrollment or ID Card Issuance

A DD Form 1172-2 is required for dependent enrollment and ID card issuance/reissuance. The sponsor must sign the DD Form 1172-2 in the presence of a RAPIDS official, or have the signature notarized, or sign the form digitally as described below.

Foreign Military Affiliates and Their Dependents

For CAC for foreign military or dependent ID cards for foreign military, contact a site security manager at 703-696-3030. Do not use this scheduler; Appointments scheduled on this site will not be honored.

Number of Dependents per Appointment

Appointments are for individuals only. Multiple persons will not be seen under one appointment. Schedule separate appointments for each person.

Allocation of Service Time

Most customers are served within 15 minutes of the appointment. However, an appointment is an allocation of service time, and having an appointment does not guarantee that a customer will be served at a specific time.

RAPIDS Self Service – ID Card Office Online

DoD Common Access Card (CAC) holders may access their DEERS record to make changes, perform CAC/PIV updates (add or change email certificates), or sign the DD Form 1172-2 using  RAPIDS Self-Service

If you receive an error when signing the DD 1172-2 or performing CAC updates, add as an exception site in the JAVA Control Panel security tab. Most DoD computers will allow non-administrator users to add this exception.

Identification Requirements

Persons over the age of 18, persons requesting a CAC, and military spouses must present two forms of identification for card issuance (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 4.a; FIPS 201-2, subsec 2.7). For acceptable documents, click here.

Persons under the age of 18 must provide documentation for verification of eligibility (birth certificate; parent's marriage certificate may be required if parent is not listed as sponsor's spouse in DEERS) (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 4.a.(1)).

Domestic Documents: 

All documents must be certified by the custodian of the original document (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpars. 4.a and 4.b). A notarized copy may not be considered a certified copy depending on the laws of the state that issued the original document.

If the document is not issued using security paper, or otherwise does not have a raised seal, or does not have an original, non-copied wet signature, then the document is likely not a certified copy. Further, if a photocopy was provided by a lawyer or a copy of the document was provided via email, then the document is likely not a certified copy.

Foreign Documents:

An Apostille or a Certificate of Authentication by a U.S. Consular Officer is required for foreign documents (birth or marriage certificates). Documents must have an English translation. (AFI 36-3026 I, par. 7.1.1). For Apostille information,  click here or  here.

Additional Documentation Requirements:

Some changes to records (promotion, retirement, Medicare enrollment) are not immediate and may take several weeks to appear in the DEERS record. Documentation may be required to update the record before ID issuance.

Replacement of Lost or Stolen CAC/PIV

Replacement of a lost or stolen CAC/PIV requires documentation from the appropriate security office or CAC sponsor confirming that the CAC has been reported lost or stolen (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar 5.c.(3)).

Reissuance of Functional CAC

If a help desk refers a user to this office to have a locally-test, functional CAC reissued, the user must provide a memorandum request, on letterhead, from the user's senior leadership before a CAC will be reissued.

Dependent Children, Students Over 21

A verification of full-time enrollment with an anticipated graduation date, and a statement on the DD Form 1172-2 of the percentage of financial support provided by the sponsor is required in addition to the other requirements for ID card issuance.

Dependent Children, Students Over 21, Break Periods

A verification of full-time enrollment for the previous semester and a pre-enrollment verification for the upcoming semester is required to establish or continue benefits over break periods.

DEERS Enrollment, Spouse

Required documents: 1) Marriage certificate, 2) Spouse's birth certificate, 3) Spouse's social security card, and 4) an acceptable form of picture identification. For more information, click here.

Marriage certificates must be certified copies that include a file recording number. Some municipalities (D.C.) provide "marriage certificates" that are extensions of the marriage license, but are not considered court-certified documents. If the document did not require payment in addition to the marriage license fee, then the document is likely not a certified copy.

DEERS Enrollment, Child

Required documents: 1) Child's birth certificate or hospital proof of birth, and 2) Child's social security card. A marriage certificate is required for enrollment of step-children.

DEERS Enrollment, Child Born Out of Wedlock

For male service members; required documents: 1) Court order (judicial determination of paternity) or a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity, 2) Child's birth certificate and 3) Child's social security card (AFI 36-3026 I, par. 4.9).

DEERS Enrollment, Disabled American Veterans

Required documents: 1) Letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs showing eligibility, 2) DD Form 214 [Member Copy 4], 3) birth certificate, 4) social security card, and 5) an acceptable form of picture identification.