While the Vicenza Health Clinic at Caserma Ederle has pregnancy testing, it does not provide ER, OB or child delivery services. After a positive pregnancy test, your provider will refer you to a network provider for OB and delivery care.  These services are provided as follows:

Prenatal Care

  • OB Clinic next to San Bortolo Hospital (Vicenza)
    • All-female medical staff who speak English
    • Records in Italian and translated to English
  • Casa di Cura Eretenia (Vicenza)
    • Records are only in Italian


  • San Bortolo Hospital (Vicenza)
    • Twin gestation, VBAC, high risk, & NICU/ICU
    • Patient Liaisons/Interpreters available 24/7
    • Records in Italian and translated to English
  • Return to Continental United States (CONUS) (Travel is at your own expense)



Support for Expectant Parents

Maternal Education at Health Clinic, 2nd Floor training room (past the laboratory):

  • Weekly Prenatal Orientation Classes (requires confirmed pregnancy test, by appointment only)
  • Childbirth Boot Camp (monthly) [offered in patient’s 3rd trimester]

Maternal Health Kits from American Red Cross

These kits provide items that are helpful during and after childbirth at San Bortolo Hospital. The items help offer some commonly used items during birth.   These kits are offered on an available basis to women over 36 weeks pregnant.



Birth Registration & Parent Support


Birth Registration

In Vicenza, you only have 10 days to register your baby’s birth at Vicenza City Hall (“Municipio”), including the day your baby is born. If your baby is born in Vicenza:

  1. Ensure parents’ name on hospital Birth Statement is the exact same as passport or military ID (if Soldier).
  2. Make an appointment with Military Personnel Division (MPD) to create a registration packet and to set up a City Hall registration appointment. Bring:
    • Original Birth Statement from hospital
    • Soldier’s military ID & spouse’s passport
    • Marriage License

NOTE: MPD can take a maximum of 3 families per week to City Hall, so schedule your appointment ASAP.  Notify MPD if you’ll need an infant car seat.

     3. Arrive at MPD on your scheduled date to register your baby for an Italian birth certificate at City Hall where you’ll receive 3 Italian and 5 int’l birth certificates (FR/EN/DE/IT certified translations). If parents are married, only one parent must be present at registration. If not, both must be present.
NOTE: Process differs for sites outside of Vicenza.

What’s next? Enroll your infant

With your infant’s birth certificate, visit CPF for Command Sponsorship and DEERS registration; the Passport Office for a no-fee passport; and the Clinic’s Tricare Enrollment Office or https://tricare.mil/LifeEvents/Baby  to register your infant in Tricare.

NOTE: If your Soldier cannot be present to register your baby in DEERS, you must have a power of attorney.

Parent & Infant Programs

New Parent Support Program (NPSP) at ACS Baby Café NPSP serves families with children ages 0-3. Registered nurses and licensed social workers provide parents with education, training, and deployment support, including:

  • Breast Feeding Basics (monthly) [advised at 3rd tri.]
  • Bringing Baby Home (monthly) [advised at 3rd tri.]
  • Baby Wearing (monthly)
  • Infant Massage (twice/month)
  • Romp-N-Stomp Playgroup (weekly)
  • Baby & Me Infant Playtime (every other week)

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program (bldg 169)

The WIC Overseas program supports infants and children as well as pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women by providing nutritional education and assistance.