DoDEA & High School Registration Prep

Look through the following links below for more information on school options and registration information:

**Before starting to register your child in school, make sure to contact Camp Darby School Liaison Officer.

Livorno Elementary and Middle School - Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Livorno Elementary/Middle School is located on Camp Darby, halfway between Livorno and Pisa, Italy. We a satellite installation of USAG Italy - Camp Ederle in Vicenza. Livorno EMS serves military-connected students from kindergarten through 8th grade. We are a small school with a family feel that gives individualized attention to our students and families. Our multi-grade classes have fewer students than most schools, usually no more than 15.

Our staff boasts a wide variety of certifications in order to offer our students as many opportunities as possible. Students participate in Art, PE, Health, Italian language and culture, and technology classes. Clubs include Student Council, Junior Leadership Seminar, Art, Robotics, Lego, and Math Counts.

We are categorized as a Level 0 school in regards to the level of support available for students enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Students on EFMPs are generally attend DoDEA schools categorized Level 1-3, depending on the level of support they need. Sponsors are encouraged to consult the “Early Intervention, Special Education, and Related Services in OCONUS Communities” publication at

Livorno EMS Registration

High School students have the following options if they are eligible for NDSP:

International School of Florence - 9th Grade - 12th Grade

The International School of Florence (ISF) is one of the oldest international schools in Europe, culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the surest path to accessing the broadest choice of colleges and universities throughout the world. As a non-profit educational institution, ISF embodies the values of the Renaissance. How? By striving for academic excellence while developing our students’ creativity, intellectual curiosity, innovative spirit and appreciation for beauty. Why? Because developing the whole person is at the heart of our mission. ISF offers challenging and internationally recognized academic programs alongside a rich extracurricular offering. At ISF – in our Renaissance villas and Tuscan setting – students are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow through a focus on their potential today.


The Canadian School of Florence- 9th Grade - 12th Grade - The Canadian School of Florence is an international school that promotes global education in a diverse cultural environment. Hosted in a beautiful historical building in Florence, the Senior School currently hosts more than 100 students from Grade 9 to Grade 12, preparing them for admission to prestigious universities all over the world.

A boarding service is available for students who can join our learning community for a Semester or for a full-year educational experience.

Our curriculum, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, combines the best of Canadian and International educational practices into a proven academic program aimed at developing students' independent learning, collaboration, communication, and leadership skills.

Other School Options:

Boarding School: Families may choose a boarding school option up to the DSSR rate. Contact your SLO for more information.

Accredited Home-based Schooling: Financial support for accredited homeschooling   

Accredited and diploma granting Virtual High School: This requires pre-authorization. One option is the DoDEA Virtual School:        

For more information download the DARBY SCHOOL SUPPORT SERVICES document here!


School Liaison Officers also recommends:

  • Contact them as soon as you know you are PCSing to Camp Darby.
  • Hand carry a copy of your student’s records and IEP. By federal law, parents have the right to a copy of their students’ records. Ask the registrar to sign over the seal and don’t open in case you need to submit them to the new school registrar.
  • Bring names, addresses, & contacts for prior schools
  • Visiting the Darby School Liaison Officer website for more information!


CYS School Liaison Officer (SLO)

Your SLO is one of the best resources when transitioning  to a new school. SLOs can help with:

  • School transition assistance: Connect with your  SLO before and after you move. Visit, call, or email them at Parent Central Services inside CYS.
  • Free and Reduced Meal Plan (FARM) application
  • Link between schools, families, & command: SLOs are subject matter resource experts for grades K-12 and can help address educational issues and needs.
  • Homeschool support: SLOs offer info on federal  and local policies and help families access CYS  resources.
  • Post-Secondary preparation and guidance

SLOs can also connect you with available educational resources, such as EFMP and developmental intervention resources and other when requested.