Temporary Lodging & Housing Eligibility

The type of tour and dependent travel authorized in your Soldier’s orders will determine your Soldier’s lodging upon arrival and housing eligibility in Italy.

Concurrent Family Travel (family arrives with Soldier)  
Rank of SponsorLodging in ItalyEligible for Housing
All RanksHotel (TLA)Yes
Concurrent Family Travel (within 60 days of Soldier)  
≥ E-7Hotel (TLA)Yes
≤ E-6Barracks*Yes
Deferred Family Travel (61+ days after Soldier)
≥ E-7Hotel (TLA)Yes
≤ E-6BarracksNo**
“All Others” Tour (without dependents)
Rank of SponsorLodging in ItalyEligible for Housing
≥ E-7Hotel (TLA)Yes
≤ E-6BarracksNo

* Eligible for TLA upon family arrival.
** Eligible for housing upon approval of command sponsorship of dependents & receipt of amended orders. NOTE for ≤E6: Stop meal deduction after family arrives.

Temporary Lodging Before/After Arrival

If your Soldier is authorized temporary lodging, your family will need to make 2 types of reservations when getting ready to PCS overseas:

  1. Lodging Prior to Departure
    • CONUS Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) reimburses Stateside Soldiers for up to 5 nights of lodging and meals in gov’t quarters prior to departing for Italy.
    • OCONUS Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) reimburses overseas Soldiers for a certain number of nights (depending on duty station) of lodging and meals in gov’t quarters prior to departing for Italy.
  2. Lodging Upon Arrival in Italy
    • Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) reimburses Soldiers for overseas gov’t lodging and meals in 10- night increments. On-post lodging at the Ederle Inn books up fast! Because on-post lodging is limited, most families stay in off-post hotels.

Learn more about travel reimbursements.

Ederle Inn (Vicenza)/Casa Toscana (Camp Darby)

The Ederle Inn serves the Vicenza military community and Darby Casa Toscana serves the Camp Darby military community.  

NOTE: The electricty at the Inns are 220v (not U.S. 110v).

Amenities: microwave, fridge, stovetop, Wi-Fi, free use of laundry machines, and free breakfast

Pets: At check-in, you must present a rabies certification for your pets. Pets must always be on a leash. Lodging costs for pets are at your own expense.

Nightly Pet Fee: $3.00/night per pet
Pet Cleaning Fee: $50 one-time fee per family with pets

Make a reservation ASAP without orders

Who: Soldier, sponsor, or spouse can reserve a room. Credit card info is needed to confirm reservation.
What: To request a room, email the Ederle Inn with: Soldier’s name, arrival date, party size, ages and number of kids (if any), pets (if any), and contact info.
When: Make reservations up to 6 months in advance without PCS orders (orders needed at check-in). The Inn mandates reservations for 45 nights. Most families stay for 30-35 nights.
NOTE: Delayed flight? You MUST call the Inn if you will be a no show, otherwise your room will be sold.

Off-Post Lodging near Caserma Ederle

Most families will book overseas lodging at a local hotel due to limited space at the Ederle Inn. The Ederle Inn recommends the local hotels listed here because they accept TLA paperwork indicating that Soldiers are not required to pay Italian hotel taxes. Remember:

  • Book a room at or below your TLA rate to avoid out-of-pocket expenses
  • Reserve a room for 35-45 days
  • Reserve directly through hotel to avoid 3rd party cancellation charges due to reservation changes
  • Hotel pet fees are not reimbursable
Transportation to/from Off-Post Hotels

Don’t forget to pre-arrange transportation from Caserma Ederle to your off-post hotel because the airport shuttle only takes you to Caserma Ederle (to Ederle Inn or near USO). Ask your sponsor for the best way to get to your hotel (keep any receipts so your Soldier can claim expenses on the travel voucher). Once you’re settled in:

  • Prepare to walk, take a city bus, or rent a car to get to/from Caserma Ederle until your POV arrives.
  • Taxis only pick up/drop off at Chapel Gate (3 min walk to USO). Taxis are not permitted on post.
Hotel Mary0.3 miles1, 19
Hotel Aries 1.3 miles1², 19²
Hotel Victoria 1.3 miles1
Hotel Viest 2.6 miles19
Hotel Piramidi 3.8 miles19²
Hotel Giada 4.2 miles19²

¹ From Chapel Gate, you’ll walk 8-10 minutes to get to the Central Processing Facility (CPF) or to the library.
² Requires walking 5-15 minutes to bus stop.