Being granted Command Sponsorship means MILITARY family members are approved to accompany the Soldier Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) for the length of his or her tour. Command Sponsorship of dependents is not guaranteed.  Soldiers must apply for Command Sponsorship, which includes an EFMP Screening of each family member, and then obtain approval from your Soldier’s gaining command in Europe before traveling overseas with family. Without Command Sponsorship,  dependents (except EU citizens) are considered tourists who are  limited to 90 days in country with little support authorized from the U.S. Armed Forces.

What is Command Sponsorship?

Being granted Command Sponsorship means that your family  members are approved to accompany a DoD member “Outside  the Continental U.S.” (OCONUS) for the length of their tour.

Command Sponsorship of dependents is not guaranteed. DoD  members must apply for Command Sponsorship, which includes  an Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) screening of each  family member, and then obtaining approval from the gaining  command in Europe, before traveling overseas with family.


In simple terms, if your Soldier is granted Command Sponsorship of dependents, this means:

  • Your new duty station has the educational and medical resources to support your family’s needs.
  • Your family is authorized a fully funded move and is approved to accompany your Soldier overseas.

How long does the application take?

The entire application process can take 3 weeks to 3 months, from completing the required forms and family EFMP screenings (and enrollments if needed) to the review of your completed application.
Installation Management Command Directorate - Europe (IMCOM-E) reviews completed applications for Command Sponsorship within 30 days. Once they review the application, they will notify your Soldier of Approval or Denial of Command Sponsorship.

What benefits does it provide?

Only Command Sponsored dependents are authorized:


Command Sponsorship Application

After receiving a Request for Orders (RFO) or actual assignment orders, your Soldier should immediately request Command Sponsorship of each dependent. Family members will complete an EFMP screening as part of the application. Family members must be granted Command Sponsorship before traveling overseas.

1. Attend Levy Brief & Start Packet

Before PCS orders are issued, your Soldier must attend a levy brief. The levy brief is where most soldiers start the Command Sponsorship application for their dependents. Levy briefs provide instructions for PCSing and cover topics such as:

  • Command Sponsorship application process
  • No-Fee Passport & Italian Visa
  • Overseas travel/pay allowances
  • Booking travel
  • Shipping household goods (HHG) & vehicles
  • PCSing with kids or pets

Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend.

2. Complete EFMP Screening

Before your family can be approved for Command Sponsorship, each family member must complete an EFMP Screening of their medical records to ensure that your Soldier’s new unit can support your family’s needs. Don’t delay. Schedule your screening asap!

3. Submit Packet & Review PCS Orders

After all required documentation is submitted, IMCOM-E has 30 days to review Command Sponsorship applications. If approved, your Soldier will receive orders including the full name of each dependent.

Command Sponsorship Packet

  1. PCS Orders
  2. DA 4187 Command Sponsorship Request Form
  3. Enlisted or Officer Record Brief (ERB or ORB)
  4. DA 5888 Family EFMP Form with EFMP Stamp (or DA 5888-1 if in remote area using civilian doctor)
    • DD 2792 (if Medical EFMP Plan needed)
    • DD 2792-1 + IFSP/IEP (for Education EFMP Plan) NOTE: EFMP Form is valid for 1 year once stamped.
  5. Copy of Marriage and Birth Certificates of dependents
  6. Proof of child custody court documents (Minors must reside with Soldier a minimum of six months per year)