As part of the Command Sponsorship application packet, a Soldier’s dependents are each required to complete an Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening.


What is EFMP?

The objective of the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is to assess, document, and code the special education and medical needs of family members. Approximately ten percent of Army Families have members with special needs, including spouses, children, or dependent parents who require special services.

Why do I need an EFMP Screening?

Soldiers requesting accompanied tours overseas, extensions of more than six months of an overseas accompanied tour, or consecutive overseas assignments must have all family members screened for any special medical or educational needs.

Why? As the Army shifts resources overseas, the Army wants to ensure Soldiers are assigned to locations where dependents with special needs can receive necessary care. When reviewing a family member’s needs, the Army often considers the availability of services from the host nation as well as those provided by the Army.

Need help navigating the process?

Contact your local military health clinic’s EFMP Coordinator to help you with enrollment, disenrollment, updates, and overseas EFMP screenings.

Contact the USAG Italy EFMP Coordinator at +39 0444-61-9000; DSN: 314-636-9000 for help with EFMP Screening paperwork if you area.

  • Dependent on deferred travel orders
  • Foreign national
  • Local national (Italian)


EFMP Screening guide

Visit Army Medical Command for an overview of how the EFMP process works in the below situations:

  • Soldiers located on or near Army post in U.S.
  • Families in remote areas in U.S.
  • Soldier is overseas but family is in U.S.

What are the EFMP Screening steps?

At your appointment, the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) practitioner will review your screening questionnaire, outpatient medical records, and any supporting documentation to determine if any family member meets criteria for enrollment into EFMP.

  1. Soldier starts Command Sponsorship at levy brief.
    • Soldier completes DA-5888 (Part A) and submits form to S1 who verifies dependent information.
    • S1 returns DA-5888 to Soldier.
  2. Schedule Screening within 30 days of levy brief.
  3. For each dependent, bring to the Screening:
    • DA-5888 Form, verified and signed by S1
    • 3-5 years of military/civilian health records
    • Completed DA Form 7246 EFMP Questionnaire
    • Recent physical exam (within the last year)
    • For children, bring copies of any non-medical evaluations (if applicable) such as IEP or IFSP
    • For children 4-60 months, bring completed Ages and Stages Questionnaire
  4. Only an Army EFMP practitioner completes DA Form 5888 Part B, to be sent for review.

NOTE: If a family member meets enrollment criteria, EFMP enrollment will begin and may take 6 weeks.

What happens after the screening?

Once a Command Sponsorship packet is submitted, IMCOM-E has up to 30 days to review it.

Authorization for Command Sponsorship

If your family is approved to accompany your Soldier overseas, your Soldier will be issued PCS Orders listing each dependent’s name. Each dependent must then apply for a No-Fee Passport and Visa. An overseas accompanied tour requires a 36-month commitment.

Denial of Command Sponsorship

This is often due to a duty location with limited family resources or insufficient support for dependents with special needs. If denied, your Soldier can:

  • Request to change assignments (DA Form 4187)
  • Change overseas assignment to “all others”, meaning a 24-month tour without dependents
  • Proceed overseas alone & in 6 months submit new application (may be denied again)

Command Sponsorship applications are done via the losing duty station and are not initiated in Italy. Without Command Sponsorship, dependents (except EU citizens) are considered tourists limited to 90 days in country with little support authorized from the U.S. Army.