Vehicle Registration is located in building 113 at Camp Darby. You’ll need to register all vehicles annually. For your primary vehicle, the Italian road tax is waived and you will be authorized tax-free fuel coupons. (You’ll pay annual registration and Italian road tax-100€-500€ based on engine & age- for any additional POVs). Annual registration is also required to receive a new fuel card each year to purchase fuel and oil  coupons for your primary vehicle. FYI, you’ll need a POA to register a vehicle on your Soldier’s behalf.

To register your vehicle, you must have:

  1. Original Title and/or registration Doc
  2. Proof of Insurance (required by Italian Law)
  3. AFI Driver License (SETAF License)
  4. Proof of eligibility
  5. Military/Civilian ID Card
  6. $10 Registration fee
  7. Additional money for road taxes if you are registering a second vehicle (cost depends on engine size)
  8. Power of Attorney for Sponsor (If not accompanied by Sponsor)

Vehicle Registration Process:

  1. VPC Email: Once you’re notified by email that your vehicle has arrived, visit Vehicle Registration. Bring: ID, SETAF & U.S. license, title/registration, shipping documents, orders, $10.00, & POA.
  2. Get License Plate Number: To get insurance, you need a  license plate number. Registration will ask what size plate you  need. Don’t guess! Go to VPC Inspection to ask staff the correct size for your POV.

NOTE: There are 2 plate sizes: square or rectangular (European size). Your U.S. POV may need square. To blend in, ask if rectangular is at all possible.

  1. Request Insurance Card: Call your insurer with your new  plate number to set up insurance. USAA will email you proof  of insurance. You must PRINT this email.
  2. Pick Up Registration & Plates: Visit Registration Office with insurance paperwork and all other documents. Pay fees $10.00 in cash or card. You’ll receive plates and registration. Keep registration in the vehicle at all times.
  3. VPC Inspection: After getting plates, visit the VPC Inspection to complete vehicle damage inspection.
    • The inspector must give you the inspection sheet (back side of  original pre-departure inspection form you completed) to note new vehicle damages. Do not let the inspector persuade you to only note damages that they agree with. There is a specific section for YOU to note damages and a separate section for THEM to indicate what they agree to cover. Disagreements can be handled later with JAG.
    • DO NOT LEAVE VPC before completing your inspection & listing all damage! VPC inspectors might recommend you wash your car first to see damage more easily. DO NOT DO THIS.
  4. License Plate Installation: You must mount license plates on POV prior to safety inspection.
    • If no drilling is required, ask if VPC Inspection Warehouse can  install plates after inspection.
    • Bring tools to the VPC to install plates yourself.
  5. Vehicle Safety Inspection: Bring registration paperwork, orders, ID, insurance, POA and required orange vest, warning  triangle, and first aid kit.
  6. Vehicle Registration & Fuel Coupon Card: Return to the  Registration Office, submit safety inspection form and get your fuel card to take to the PX.