**Individual units will arrange transport from the airport in accordance with the local ROM requirements.  Contact your Unit/Sponsor directly to make arrangements**

Transportation to/from Off-Post Hotels

Don’t forget to pre-arrange transportation from Camp Darby  to your off-post hotel. There are no shuttle or bus routes  to/from Camp Darby. Ask your sponsor for the best way to  travel to your hotel (keep receipts to claim expenses on your  travel voucher).

  • Be prepared rent a car or take a taxi to get to/from Camp Darby until your POV arrives
  • Taxis only pick up/drop off at the Main Gate. Taxis are not permitted on post (See previous page for taxi services)

Taxi Services

  • Radio Taxi Pisa: 050-541600 (Pisa area, airport,  station, leaning tower, Tirrenia, Marina di Pisa...)
  • Radio Taxi Livorno: 0586-886677 (Livorno area, train  station, downtown...)