While the Vicenza Health Clinic at Caserma Ederle has pregnancy testing, it does not provide ER, OB or child delivery services. After a positive pregnancy test, your provider will refer you to a network provider for OB and delivery care.  These services are provided as follows:

Prenatal Care

All prenatal care takes place at San Rossore Clinic and Santa  Chiara Hospital.



  • San Rossore Clinic
  • Santa Chiara Public Hospital
  • Return to Continental United States (CONUS) (Travel is at your own expense)





Birth Registration & Parent Support

To register your baby’s birth, please make an appointment  with the medical liaisons for assistance.

What’s next? Enroll your infant

With your infant’s birth certificate, visit CPF for Command Sponsorship and DEERS registration; the Passport Office for a no-fee passport; and  https://tricare.mil/LifeEvents/Baby  to register your infant in Tricare.

NOTE: If your Soldier cannot be present to register your baby in DEERS, you must have a power of attorney.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

The Camp Darby WIC Overseas program supports infants,  children, and pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding  women by providing nutritional education and assistance.


Please contact +39 050-54-7958 for an appointment.