NATO Forces Fuel cards are used instead of cash or debit cards to buy vehicle fuel or oil on the economy. There are no gas stations on military installations in Italy.

Fuel cards prices exclude Italian taxes, reducing fuel costs by 40%. Fuel cards are authorized for only one primary SETAF registered vehicle. The number of liters you are able to purchase each month depends on your vehicle’s engine size.

Where to Use Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are accepted at only 2 Italian gas chains, AGIP and ENI. Cards are not valid outside of Italy.

Pumping Gas Off-Post

Use only ENI or AGIP gas stations. If your vehicle takes unleaded gas, only use Green “Super” pumps. Don’t use “Super S” or “Super+” otherwise you will have to pay out-of-pocket for fuel.

  • Benzina: Unleaded Gas
  • Gasolio: Diesel
  • Fai da Te: Self Service
  • Servito: Full Service
  • Yellow Pump: Diesel
  • Blue Pump: Diesel+
  • Green Pump: Super Unleaded Gasoline (95 Octane), Super-S (98), or Super+ (100)

NOTE: At full service pumps, there’s no need to tip.

How does the NATO Forces Fuel Card work?

The NATO Forces Fuel Card is accepted as a payment method at ENI/AGIP stations. The card can be used directly at the fuel station by swiping or inserting the card in the point-of-sale (POS) terminal and entering your secure PIN code. Your fuel transactions will be billed to the payment method provided during registration and you will receive a bi-weekly invoice and a monthly statement. Please note that the tax-free fuel price will only be charged to your biweekly invoice if you have purchased your assigned fuel type within the limits of your monthly ration. You must use the NATO Forces Fuel Card to receive tax-free fuel. You will not be refunded if a fuel trans-action is paid for via another payment method.

How do I sign up to receive a NATO Forces Fuel Card?

Eligible personnel at each base will be able to make an appointment at your local NEX, AAFES, or MWA outlet. Registration forms will be available online beforehand so that paperwork can be completed prior to your appointment.

How many fuel cards will my family receive?

Each sponsor will receive one fuel card. If you have multiple sponsors in your family, you will receive one card per sponsor.

How many liters of tax-free fuel can I purchase each month?

The ration amount and fuel type depend on the primary registered vehicle’s engine size, engine base horsepower and fuel requirement. Your monthly tax-free fuel authorization ranges from 100 liters to 400 liters maximum for automobiles, while rations for motorcycles may not exceed 200 liters.

Am I required to purchase my entire ration of fuel?

Customers are not required to purchase the fuel ration allotment and will only be billed for liters purchased.

Am I able to roll over my unused liters to the next month?

Fuel rations will not be rolled over month-to-month. Any unused liters in your ration will expire at the end of the month.

Do we have a set price per liter of fuel like other fuel programs in Europe?

The NATO Forces Fuel Card program is subject to the lawsand taxes of Italy; as a result, we are unable to set a standard price perliter of fuel. It is important to note that the NATO Forces Fuel Card is not apre-paid card so you will be billed based on which pump you choose. If youchoose to use the Servito lane, you will pay the Servito price minus taxes.Likewise if you choose to use the Iperself lanes, you will pay that priceminus taxes.

The amount you are charged will fluctuate depending onthe current exchange rate and the price of fuel at each fuel station. Tomaximize your tax-free fuel benefits, it is suggested to use the self-servicepumps and to avoid fuel stations on toll roads as they tend to have higherfuel prices.

Can you give us an idea of how much money we will save per liter?

The cost of fuel will fluctuate based on the exchange rate and the price at the pump. The pump price consists of two taxes- the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the Accise tax. Once these are taken out, you should see a 50-52% savings. This will be reflected on your biweekly invoice.

Does the NATO Forces Fuel Card work like other tax-free fuel programs in

No. The NATO Forces Fuel Card program is unique to Italy and is subject to the laws and taxes of Italy. It is not based on or related to the tax-free fuel programs in Germany or Spain.

Am I required to use the Servito lane or am I able to use the Self-Service

Customers are not required to use only the Servito lanes to use their NATO Forces Fuel Card. If you feel you are being pressured by a service attendant to use the Servito lane or the station refuses to accept your NATO Forces Fuel Card, please forward a detailed account of your interaction, including the address of the gas station, to the Foreign Tax Relief Program staff at

Can I use my fuel card when there are no station attendants present?

Yes, the card can be used at all ENI and AGIP stations and will work at self-service stations 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Several fuel stations are reportedly not allowing customers to use their

If the station refuses to accept your NATO Forces Fuel Card or if you encounter a station with a non-functional point-of-sale (POS) portal, please forward a detailed account of your interaction, including the address of the gas station, to the Foreign Tax Relief Program staff at:

I forgot my PIN code. What should I do?

Please visit your local NEX, AAFES, or MWA outlet during normal business hours to cancel your current card and you will be issued a replacement card. Please remember to destroy the canceled card.

As a reminder, if your card is locked out due to use of an incorrect PIN code you will not be refunded.