Military Spouse Preference

Military spouses serve a pivotal role in contributing to the financial and personal success of military families. In 2008, President Bush established Executive Order 13473, the noncompetitive appointing authority for certain military spouses that allowed hiring into permanent, term, or temporary positions in the Federal Government.
The intent was to assist military spouses gain employment with the Federal government as part of an effort to recruit and retain skilled and experienced members of the armed forces, and to recognize and honor the service of members injured, disabled or killed while on active duty.
A spouse of a member of the Armed Forces now remains eligible for noncompetitive appointment (under E.O. 13473) for the duration of the spouse’s relocation to the permanent duty station of the member.
Previously, military spouses were only eligible for appointment under the noncompetitive authority (E.O. 13473) for the first two years following the date of their sponsor’s PCS orders. That is no longer the case and spouses of a member of the Armed Forces remain eligible for appointment the duration of the sponsor’s tour. For more information, visit your local civilian personnel office.

Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Opportunities

Are you a current NAF Child and Youth Program Assistant? Child and Youth Services (CYS) Employee Assignment Tool (CEAT) enables current NAF employees in Child and Youth Program Assistant (CYPA) positions to voluntarily request a noncompetitive transfer to another Army installation at the same grade/pay level, without a break in service. Employees must register in CEAT to be considered eligible for a noncompetitive transfer. For more information, visit your servicing CPAC office.
Do you live on post and interested in starting your own child care business? Consider Family Child Care (FCC) opportunities. FCC was created with the military spouse in mind. The FCC provides support, free training, free referrals, free resources and child care subsidies. FCC continues to be a cost effective child care delivery system, offering parents quality programming at a 15% cost savings compared to child development centers. For more information on FCC opportunities, contact the Garrison CYS office.

Military Spouse Licensing Reimbursement Program

Frequent moves can cause obstacles for spouses with occupational licenses. Many states help licensed military spouses by allowing for expedited applications, temporary licenses, or license reciprocity. In many circumstances, military spouses who move from one state to another because of change-of-station orders are eligible for reimbursement costs up to $500.
For more information, visit U.S. Department of Labor-Military Spouses,