The G8 Directorate of Resource Management resources IMCOM responsibly as determined by the command's deliberative forums, supports execution of commanders' priorities, and provides accountability to HQDA; ASA I&E; DCS, G-9; and ultimately, the American people.


To be a resource-generating mission-oriented team focused on IMCOM success; increasing accountability and visibility, while providing flexibility to our region directors and garrison commanders in support of the all volunteer force.

Core Values


  • Our leadership are dependent upon the integrity of those reporting to them in every decision they make
  • Always choose what is right over what is expedient
  • Never compromise integrity
  • Exercise candor and fairness in resourcing requirements


  • Link actions to results
  • Accept responsibility for the results; free to act
  • Operate with competence through effective execution
  • Consider every employee to be a stakeholder the development and fielding of GFEBS


  • We are committed to Soldiers and their Families
  • Develop innovative solutions to resourcing problems
  • Provide decision makers relevant financial information
  • Employ resources efficiently and most effectively to support the Soldier and his/her Family


  • People are more important than equipment -- grow people
  • Make people feel important
  • Foster an organizational climate based on mutual trust, respect and confidence
  • Build on success and improve weakness through professional development and team building
  • Empower people to act freely and responsibility grow leaders


Resource validated requirements

  • Bridge the budget and execution to the POM
  • Forecast funding gaps and pursue all sources of funding
  • Comply with programming decisions and command priorities
  • Evaluate execution of resourcing strategies
  • Leverage IT for resourcing efficiency

Innovate the evolution of better business practices

  • Proliferate access to all levels
  • Populate systems with data from all available sources
  • Lead support to the Army in the development and fielding of GFEBS
  • Develop the workforce

Empower people to act freely and responsibly

  • Encourage and support personal growth and professional development
  • Foster an organizational climate of team cohesion through crosstalk
  • Capitalize employees' strengths to maximize team effectiveness

Enable decision-makers

  • Anticipate region/garrison needs through meaningful analysis
  • Communicate at the appropriate level of detail
  • Publish timely and relevant financial information and provide professional advice
  • Address risk