The Department of Defense Police, Fort Devens, MA will be transitioning into the Department of the Army Police, Fort Devens in the near future.  Over the course of the next year you will see minor changes in uniforms, vehicle logos, etc.  What you will not see is a decline in SERVICE.  The Department of Emergency Services – Police is dedicated to YOU the Warrior, YOU the Government Employee, YOUR families, and ALL the people that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

We strive to create a safe environment for Training, Work, and leisure activities.  You can be assured that the Police Officers assigned to Fort Devens have your Safety and Security at the top of their agenda 24/7/365 days of the year.

We will assist you in a manner consistent with or better than your local police department  by maintaining Access Control Methods consistent with Department of the Army Policies and the  Post Commanders Orders, Enforcing Federal, UCMJ, State and Post Regulations.  We will be courteous, attentive to your needs and your rights.  We ASK that you in turn, extend that courtesy by obeying the Laws and regulations set forth and treating our officers with the same respect that you request of us.

If you encounter a problem in dealing with an incident or officer, please do not hesitate to contact the Station Commander via the ICE evaluation program or calling 978-796-3512.

REMEMBER, WE are here to SERVE and PROTECT our Warriors, Employees and the Public.

Department of the Army Police, Fort Devens


Due to circumstances beyond our control, FINGERPRINTING, will be done by APPOINTMENT ONLY, WALK-INS may not be accommodated due to manpower issues.   PLEASE contact the Police department at 978-615-6067 and ask for an appointment.  BRING your fingerprint cards with you, completed but not signed and a VALID GOVERNMENT PHOTO ID.   We will try to accommodate your schedule as best as possible.


A 100% ID check is performed prior to entry to Fort Devens.

PLEASE REMEMBER, ALL VEHICLES, entering any military installation are subject to SEARCH.  This installation randomly searches vehicles on a daily basis.  PROHIBITED ITEMS are subject to seizure, confiscation and prosecution of the offending person.

PROHIBITED ITEMS are posted as follows but not limited to those noted:
PERSONAL FIREARMS, WEAPONS, KNIVES, STUN GUNS, BB PISTOLS, EXPLOSIVES, ETC.   IF ITS NOT ISSUED BY THE GOVERNMENT DO NOT BRING IT ON POST.  DRUGS, Herbal medications unless prescribed to you by your doctor and in the original container. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in common areas.