The Public Affairs Office supports Fort Detrick by communicating on behalf of the installation and its leadership - providing clear, accurate, timely information to internal & external audiences. We employ a variety of communication strategies- including internal news and information products, media engagement, and public outreach.


Media Relations

The Media Relations section assists members of the news media in reporting on Fort Detrick, ensuring the American public has access to the information they need understand the military's role in the community, in support of the nation, and in the world.

For media queries visit the Media Relations page.


Command Information

The Command Information section provides news and information to members of the Fort Detrick community, by producing an array of command information products for our internal audiences to include The Standard newspaper, website and social media sites and the installation TV and radio station.


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Community Relations

Community Relations programs support and sustain relationships between service members and leaders at Fort Detrick and citizens of neighboring civilian communities. Fort Detrick is honored to support community events with guest speakers, color guards, and other patriotic displays. Government organizations, civic groups, schools and community-based organizations may request military assets for their ceremonies and special events. All requests for support must comply with DoD and Army Regulations to be granted.

Community Requests - Request a guest speaker, color guard or military participation. Requests should be submitted using DD Form 2536 below. Please submit via email at the address above to the Public Affairs Office. Most requests require a legal review and direct coordination with units - please submit requests at least 60 days prior to your event.