"Wings of Destiny"

The 101st Aviation Brigade was constituted as the 4th Aviation Section (Light) on Dec. 7, 1950, under the Eighth U.S. Army Korea. The unit saw several activations and deactivations over the next several years.

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CODY COL 220519.jpg
COL Clinton R. Cody
101st Combat Aviation Brigade Commander

CSM Latevia M. Williams-Green
101st Combat Aviation Brigade Command Sergeant Major

Headquarters and Headquarters Company "Hellcats"
2nd Battalion, 17th Cavalry Regiment "Sabre"
1st Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment "No Mercy"
5th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment "Eagle Assault"
6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment "Shadow of the Eagle"
96th Aviation Support Battalion "Troubleshooters"