The Fort Campbell Retirement Services Office and Transition Center prepares Soldiers and their Families for retirement, assist survivors of Soldiers who die on active duty, and serve Retired Soldiers, surviving spouses, and their Families until death in order to comply with federal laws, encourage Retired Soldiers to be Soldiers For Life, and improve recruiting and retention. pre and post retirement services to Soldiers in our geographical area of operations. 

Pre-retirement support includes:

  • Active duty retirement applications and retirement order publication (Fort Campbell UICs only).
  • Survivor Benefit Plan briefings and counseling.
  • Pre-retirement briefings.
  • Final out-processing, including DD Form 214 and appropriate certificates and retirement flag.
  • Support for the monthly Retirement Ceremony.

Note- Non-regular retirement (at age 60, commonly referred to as Gray area retirees) application support other than Survivor Benefit Plan assistance is not provided by this office.  Contact the Human Resources Command (HRC) Reserve Component Retirement Branch or call directly at 502-613-8950.

Post-retirement support includes:

  • Assistance with retired pay accounts (changes to allotments, accounts, addresses, tax paperwork, among others).
  • Assistance with Survivor Benefit Plan account management (changes, former spouse issues, beneficiary death).
  • Assistance with Former Spouse applications for a portion of retired pay.

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