Required Training (as applicable)

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Contracting Officer Representative (COR)

CLM-003 EthicsTIME TO COMPLETE: 1 hour
CLC-222  ⚠ TIME TO COMPLETE: 1 hour

Defense Travel System (DTS)

 The Defense Travel Management Office✪ Site Map shows you where you can find current information as it changes: Travel Program, where to find customer support or self help, training, policies, regulations, DODI, allowances- A wealth of information at your finger tips. There is also a search window.

  • DTS and travel card instructions, required training certificate, Statement of Understanding (SOU)
  • DTS and travel card training-3 ways to training, s/b certificates are obtained from web-based training
  • Look ahead slide sent by DTMO for modernization of DTS's new look
  • DTS quick guides, references, and to include tri-fold shows step by step instructions, information guides with step by step instructions
  • DTMO out reach slide decks that are disbursed to update you on processes and changes
  • How-To instructions from your Garrison DTA-trends in errors or questions or system changes, not yet updated by DTMO

This is to provide you access to information and show you how and where to look up information to make your DTS experience easier to understand-but it takes team work and being proactive from your Garrison LDTA, organization DTA, budget, reviewers, approvers, and the travelers. The knowledge is at your finger tips!

Safe and enjoyable travels!

Required Training Guide:
GARRISON NEW or TRANSFERRING employees (military and civilian), Defense Travel System and Government Travel Card Accounts are managed by the Garrison Resource Management Office. Each Garrison organization has a primary point of contact within the organization to assist with with travel authorization, vouchers, processing, rules and regulation issues. Lead Garrison DTA is Noelle Cooper and can be contacted at

Refresher training for current Travel Cardholders is required every three years. ( TCRT*)  Routing Official Annual Refresher Training for all Reviewers, Budget and Approvers (ROART*).  For OIP Inspections and Audit purposes, we are required to maintain training certificates and SOU on file. Your account will be transferred into Garrison Fort Campbell Hierarchy.
All travelers in DTS Hierarchy are required to complete the basic trainings at the DTS Training Page ⚠:

How to Apply for a GTCC

New or Transferring Required Traveler Training:

DTS Basic

DTS Travel 101

Program and Policies - Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101)

Program and Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101

Statement of Understanding (SOU)

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Current Travel Cardholder Refresher Training Required (TCRT*) every three


Program and Policies Travel Card 101

Program and Policies Travel Policies 101

Statement of Understanding (SOU)


New Routing Official (Reviewers, Budget and Approvers) Required Training:

DTS Basic

DTS Travel 101

Program and Policies - Travel Card 101

Program and Policies - Travel Policies 101

Program and Policies - Travel Card Program Management (APC Course)

Statement of Understanding (SOU)

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Approver (DTS)

Approver (COL/TAOCO) - Initial TAOCO (COL) Training


Current Routing Official Annual Training Required every year (ROATR*)

Approver (COL/TAOCO) - Annual TAOCO (COL) Refresher Training

Approver (DTS) - DTS Vital Skills for Authorizing Officials and Approver (DTS) - The DTS Approval Process


Travelers/ Routing Officials/Organizational DTA's/LDTA: Other trainings are listed in the DTMO training site for us to gain system knowledge, this will, in the long run will make your TDY experience better.


The Garrison POC for Travel Cards and Defense Travel System is Noelle Cooper and can be contacted at or 270-798-3214.

Digital Training Management System – DTMS Knowledge Base – Face-to-Face

Employees can contact Dana Prins, 270-412-6603, for more information.

Defense Civilian Pay System (DCPS)/ATAAPS

Employees can contact Janek Gaston, 270-798-5575, for more information.
DCPS Security TrainingTIME TO COMPLETE: 2 hours
Timekeeper TrainingTIME TO COMPLETE: 1 hour
Privacy Act Program and Discloser Considerations Training Army Learning Management SystemTIME TO COMPLETE: 1 hour


Government Purchase Card (GPC)

Click here✪⚠ for GPC Cardholder Requirements and Processes.



HIPAA Annual/Initial Refresher Training

This course provides an overview of two critical privacy laws-The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the Privacy Act of 1974- and discusses how these laws are applicable to the Military Health System. (MHS). This training provides high-level regulatory standards that apply the same to operations staff, clinical staff, and senior management. Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) course HIPAA and Privacy Act Training DHA-US001.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

This course explains how to identify and safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI). The training includes information on the legal requirements for protecting PII and PHI, organizations' and individuals' responsibilities, and penalties for misusing PII and PHI. Annual training requirement is for all Army personnel to include military, civilian, and contractors who maintain PII. Army personnel who mishandle PII are required to take refresher training. Per AR 25-22
This course consists of one flash training with knowledge checks, and a final test which must be completed to receive the Certificate of Training for the course. TIME TO COMPLETE: The course can typically be completed in 2 hours or less.  Under Courses, search for WNSF - Personally Identifiable Information (PII) v2.0

POC for this information is Tamika Christian, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act/PII Officer, 270-798-2469 or

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