Sentinel of the Caribbean

Fort Buchanan is located in the metropolitan area of San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico. Known as the “Island of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico offers a variety of landscapes, from white sandy beaches to lush green mountains and tropical forests. All within a mixture of history and culture.  
As the only federal military installation in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Fort Buchanan is a critical part of the community and an important asset of the Department of Defense mission. Fort Buchanan serves and supports a military community comprised of Active duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, as well as Air Force, US Marine Corps Reserve and the Navy Operational Support Center. It also serves s civilian population of DoD civilians, veterans, retirees and family members. The installation also supports over 30 federal agencies located in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Fort Buchanan covers approximately 746 acres. The island is approximately 100 miles by 35 miles and similar in size to Connecticut.

Visitor Information
The vehicle operator must possess and if requested, present the following: Valid federal ID, valid vehicle registration, proof of current vehicle insurance, valid driver's license. Click here for directions to Fort Buchanan.

The Fort Buchanan Visitor Control Center | (787) 707-3995/707-3241
The Visitor Control Center (VCC) operates from its facilities at The Borinqueneers’ Gate Monday thru Friday, from 7 am to 4 pm and effective November 5, 2022 open Saturdays from       10 am to 2 pm.  Visitor Passes are temporary and Sponsors must accompany the guest at all times during their visit to the installation. Please follow our Facebook and web sites for updated information.