The following products include content, signage and handouts related to site entry and COVID-19 awareness and prevention. These products can also be used as social media content. To unify messaging and branding across APG, please do not remove content from the Welcome Back products. You are welcome to add your organization's logos and/or DUIs. If you have subordinate units outside of APG, please reach out to the installation public affairs office for more information. You may also contact the installation PAO for native files.

Welcome Back Playbook  Aberdeen Proving Ground Welcome Back Playbook

The Welcome Back Playbook provides detailed information on how to operate within workspaces and among coworkers while continuing to ensure safety. The risk-based measures included in the playbook are in accoradance with Department of the Army and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.

Welcome Back marquee sign  Marquee/TV/Electronic Display

Stop Door Sign.jpg  Building Entry Sign 24"x30"      Stop Door Sign 8.5x11  Building Entry Sign 8.5"x11"

  Welcome Back24x36_thumbnail.JPG  Welcome Back Poster 24"x36"             Welcome Back Poster 24x36   Welcome Back Handout 8.5"x11"

Applying Hand Sanitizer.jpg Applying Hand Sanitizer 8.5"x11"      Wash Your Hands.jpgHandwashing 8.5"x11"         Workspace Cleaning.jpg Workspace Cleaning 8.5"x11"


Face Covering.jpg   Face Coverings 8.5"x11"                   Elevator Social Distancing.jpg  Elevator Physical Distancing 8.5"x11"


Symptom Checker.JPG Symptom Checker 5"x8"  Business Info.JPG  Business Info 5"x8"  Infocard.JPG Clean Infocard 5.5"x8.5"