Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) was established on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland’s Harford County in 1917 to provide the nation site where Army materiel could be tested. At the same time, the Edgewood Arsenal was established nearby to provide a site for the development, production, and testing of chemical warfare materiel. The two installations were officially joined as Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1971. The two areas of APG—Aberdeen Area (AA / APG North) and the Edgewood Area (EA / APG South) are separated by the Bush River and are approximately 15 road miles apart. Workers at APG are responsible for numerous technical achievements in military intelligence, medical research, engineering and computer technology. With more than 21,000 civilian, military and contractor employees, APG is Harford County’s largest employer and one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland. APG contributes more than $400 million in payroll and $500 million in contracts annually. A $1 billion research and development resource, and a key player in the nation’s homeland defense and international counterterrorism efforts, APG is an economic and technology resource for the region. Aberdeen Proving Ground is home to 11 major commands and supports more than 80 tenants, 20 satellite and 17 private activities. The installation provides facilities to perform research, development, testing and evaluation of Army materiel. The installation also supports a wide variety of training, including mechanical maintenance, health promotion and preventive medicine, chemical and biological defense, and chemical casualty care, chemical demilitarization. APG is also host to National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve operations and training.

Aberdeen Proving Ground covers more than 72,500 acres, more than half of which is water or wetlands. More than 6,800 acres of improved grounds.Nearly 300 miles of road. More than 40 miles of track. Nearly 200 firing positions.

Facilities include laboratories for research investigations, state-of-the-art ranges, engineering test courses for wheeled and tracked vehicles and a wide variety of research. APG’s facilities include more than 17 million square feet of building space located in over 2,000 buildings, to include offices, administrative, training facilities, warehouses, barracks and family housing. Specialized facilities include eight medical research laboratories, 10 chemical laboratories, two physics laboratories, five human engineering laboratories and one materials research laboratory. Two airfields with more than 567,000 square yards of airfield pavement.



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