Enlisted Records: 410-306-2354; DSN: 458-2354
Military Awards: 410-306-2354/2308; DSN: 458-2354/2308
Military Casualty Operations: 410-306-2345/2348; DSN 458-2345/2348
- After duty hours: 410-278-4500; DSN 298-4500
Officer and Enlisted Promotions: 410-306-2354; DSN: 458-2354
Officer and Enlisted Records Updates/Audits: 410-306-2354; DSN: 458-2354
Soldier Actions: 410-306-2354/2308; DSN: 458-2354/2308


To provide quality and timely Military Personnel Service functions for Soldiers arriving, assigned, attached and departing units assigned to Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Military Casualty Operations

Our mission is to provide casualty assistance, as directed by the regional Casualty Assistance Center (CAC), Fort Meade, and offer support, guidance and services to the North-East Maryland Soldiers and their Families as well as other as directed by the CAC. The CAC is the go-to on all Army casualty issues and guidance for the area of responsibility for Maryland.

-Benefits and Entitlements

-Casualty Assistance

-Casualty Assistance Officer Information

-Line of Duty


Officer and Enlisted Records Updates/Audits

Walk-ins are accepted for casualty documents updates; all other appointments are based on Soldier Readiness Processing scheduled/unscheduled event.  Each update includes a review of the Officer/Enlisted Record brief, casualty documents and individual Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS) file.

Updates are required in the following categories:

-During In/Out Processing

-Annual Review

-Soldier Readiness Processing

-Headquarters, Department of the Army Boards (Promotion, Quality Management, Separation)

Soldier Actions

All actions are submitted through the unit personnel office to the Soldier actions section for processing. Soldier actions include but are not limit to the following:

-Name Change

-Special Duty Pay

-Foreign Language Pay

-Compassionate Reassignment

-Leave outside the continental United States (OCONUS)