Spiritually Leading Within The Army

Our garrison has an active and diverse Ministry Team under the oversight of the Senior Chaplain of the Installation.

Mission: To coordinate and provide for the religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical needs of active military, their Family members, and authorized Civilian personnel. Assist and advise the commander to ensure that policies and leadership practices are in keeping with moral, ethical, and humanitarian standards.

The Ministry Team is organized to provide the most responsive religious support and Chaplain presence at the unit level across the full spectrum of Army operations. The ministry team consists of: U.S. Army Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants; civilian employees and contractors; and a vast array of carefully screened and selected chapel volunteers. Together, they provide a comprehensive and resilient spiritual support system for Soldiers, Families, and many others who choose a chapel as their place of worship.

The Religious Support Office is located in the Main Post Chapel.

To speak with a chaplain, first call your unit chaplain.  If you do not know your unit chaplain, call the Chapel Staff at 410-278-4333.  After duty hours, in an EMERGENCY only, contact the Staff Duty Officer 410-278-2331


APG Unit Ministry Team Directory

20th CBRNE Command
Catholic Chaplain: 410-436-9385; DSN: 584-9385
Senior NCOIC: 410-436-9385/3362; DSN: 584-9385/3362

Chaplain: 443-861-9405; DSN: 848-9405 Senior NCOIC: 443-861-9886; DSN: 848-9886

Chaplain: 410-278-5335; DSN: 298-5335 Senior NCOIC: 410-278-0441; DSN: 298-0441

Chaplain/Senior NCOIC: 443-861-4353; DSN: 848-4353

Post Chapel
Administrative Assistant: 410-278-4333; DSN: 298-4333
Deputy Chaplain: 410-278-8592; DSN: 298-8592
Fund Clerk: 410-278-2886; DSN: 298-2886
Installation Chaplain: 410-278-4593; DSN: 298-4593
Religious Education: 410-278-4333; DSN: 298-4333
Resource Manager: 410-278-2504; DSN: 298-2504
Senior NCOIC: 410-278-3539; DSN: 298-3539
Administrative Assistant: 410-278-4333


Aberdeen Area Worship ServicesBuilding 2485 (410) 278-4333

Aberdeen Area Catholic Worship Services
Activity Day Time
Confession (When requested) Sunday 0800
Choir Practice Sunday 0800
Sunday Mass Sunday 0845
Religious Ed / Sacraments Sunday 1000
Weekday Mass Mon - Fri 1145
Catholic Women of the Chapel 2nd Tuesday 1830
Rite of Christian Initiation Wednesday 1800
Catholic Women of the Chapel Thursday 0930
Catholic Youth / Young Adults Saturday 1830
Monthly Social TBA TBA


Aberdeen Area Protestant Worship Services
Activity Day Time
Sunday School Sunday 0900
Worship Sunday 1015
Communion Sunday 1st Sunday 1015
Protestant Women of Chapel Thursday 0930
Choir Practice Thursday 1900
Protestant Men of Chapel 2nd Saturday 0800
Fellowship Lunch - Quarterly 4th Sunday  


Aberdeen Area Gospel Worship Services
Activity Day Time
Sunday School Sunday 1100
Worship Service Sunday 1200
Communion 1st Sunday 1200
Intercessory Prayer Tuesday 1700
Choir Practice Wednesday 1800
Bible Study Wednesday 1900
Single's Ministry 1st Friday 1900
Prayer Meeting 4th Friday 1900
Men's Ministry Meeting 2nd Saturday 1100
Ladies Ministry Meeting 2nd Saturday 1100
Gospel Youth of Chapel 2nd Saturday 1000
Socials TBA TBA
Women's Bible Study Thursday 1900


Edgewood area worship services

Building E4620 (410) 278-4333

Edgewood Area Catholic Worship Services
Activity Day Time
Confession Call Call
Choir Practice Sunday 1015
Sunday Mass Sunday 1045
Monthly Special TBA TBA


Edgewood Area Protestant Worship Services
Activity Day Time
Choir Practice Sunday 0830
Worship Sunday 0915
Communion 1st Sunday 1st Sunday
Fellowship Luncheon 3rd Sunday 3rd Sunday


Other Worship

Community Prayer Monday - Thursday @ 1200
POC: Mr. Steven Raczkowski
For Information Phone: (410) 278-4333 steven.e.raczkowski.civ@mail.mil


Community Prayer Monday - Friday @ 1200
POC: Mohammed Meshal
For Information Phone: 410-278-4333 mohammed.a.meshal.civ@mail.mil


Special Events

For dates and locations call the Administrative Office



  • National Prayer Luncheon – Feb

  • Ash Wednesday – Mar/Apr         

  • Stations of The Cross/Soup & Bread – Mar/Apr

  • Ecumenical Footsteps to The Cross – Mar/Apr

  • Catholic Anointing Service – Mar/Apr

  • Catholic Washing of The Feet – Mar/Apr

  • Veneration of The Cross – Mar/Apr

  • Catholic Easter Vigil Mass – Mar/Apr

  • Easter Sunrise Service– Mar/Apr

  • Pillars of a Godly Man Conference – May

  • Confirmation – Oct

  • Hallelujah Harvest – 31 Oct.

  • Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Lunch and 

  • Wreath Making – 1st Sun after Thanksgiving

  • Catholic Penance Service – Dec

  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – 24 Dec

  • Catholic Christmas Children’s Mass – 24  Dec

  • Catholic Christmas Mass – Dec

  • Gospel Watch Night Service – 31 Dec

The APG Chapel community offers a variety of exciting programs to meet your religious and spiritual needs. This brochure summarizes the services and ministries currently

offered. These services and ministries will assist you and your family in pursuing spiritual resiliency at APG.