The Directorate of Resource Management (575-678-4345 or DSN 258-4345) provides financial resource management, budget, financial planning, managerial accounting, policy, compliance and management analysis support for WSMR. It serves as the interface between Headquarters Army Test and Evaluation (HQATEC) and White Sands Missile Range organizations for those functions. This directorate also exercises staff and technical supervision for resource management, which includes both financial and manpower activities, budgeting, managerial accounting, management analysis and contract analysis. The director serves as the chief financial officer and the principal financial adviser to the commanding general and the executive director.

The Budget Division (575-678-2207 or DSN 258-2207) performs the full scope of program planning, budgeting, test resource management analysis and justification functions required to acquire financial resources needed by WSMR to perform its current and future mission. It provided technical leadership in development of consolidated WSMR budgets for research development test and evaluation (RDT&E) direct test support and other miscellaneous program element and appropriations budgets. It ensures budget submissions comply with prescribed budget methods, practices, procedures, regulations, precedents and policies. It provides budget development and execution support to the White Sands Test Center (WSTC) commander, executive director and other staff offices. It provides budget and resource management services to the WSTC and other subordinate organizational elements of the WSTC.

  • Reimbursable Focus: In support of test officers and mission requirements, the Budget Division receives MIPRS and funds from Army, Navy, Air Force, Foreign Military Sales, other government agencies, and private and commercial entities for testing at WSMR. The team provides inception to retirement support of reimbursable customer funding documents; deals with reviewing, validating and processing all funding documents for incoming orders for all customers; and reviews and analyzes all transactions in accounting systems to determine if any overage funding balances can be returned back to customers for prior and current year accounts.
  • Program and Operations Focus: The Budget Division deals with the execution of the full spectrum of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES) and provides management analysis and justification functions necessary to acquire all of the resources needed by White Sands Missile Range to perform its current and future mission. It provides expert guidance in the development of the consolidated WSMR budgets for RDT&E test support and other miscellaneous program element and appropriations budgets. It ensures budget submissions comply with the appropriate budgetary methods, practices and procedures and complies with all legal and regulatory guidance and policies. It provides budget development and execution support to the WSMR command group, WSTC and other subordinate organizational elements of the WSTC. It reviews, analyzes and recommends approval, disapproval and modification of budget requests. It develops, analyzes and maintains statistics for efficiency indicators, goals and capability profiles to ensure WSMR meets Headquarters Department of Army (HQDA) and HQATEC financial goals. It provides technical assistance on overall installation policy and procedures. It prepares presentations for the CG on financial issues for use at higher HQ meetings. It provides advice to the command group and other WSMR leadership elements on all matters regarding budgetary and financial strategies for test resource proposals. Successful and smooth management of DOD resources requires collaboration across all financial elements on WSMR and its neighboring government agencies.

The Management and Accounting Division (575-678-6029 or DSN 258-6029) performs the full range of support activities for major contracts and accounting functions in support of mission activities within the range. The division is responsible for issues related to concept plans, support agreements, the internal control program, contract oversight, reimbursable civilian and contractor direct labor hour oversight, and overall planning and support of accounting operations and related systems. This division administers and oversees various management and accounting programs and systems to ensure all are in compliance with applicable policies and regulations. The two areas of focus under the division include the following:

  • Management of Contracts and Agreements: The Management and Accounting Division deals with the monitoring of requests for service contract approval; the contract manpower requirements activity; program analysis for the three large contracts, which are monitored by mission, along with some smaller mission contracts; cradle-to-grave execution and conclusion of the support agreements program; and the manager’s internal control program for the mission and WSTC by monitoring the statement of budgetary resources and key control objectives. The branch also provides monthly analysis of institutional and reimbursable contractor direct labor hours, oversees the cost tracking program, ensures all capabilities of the test center are captured correctly and provides critical information related to yearly equivalents for institutional and reimbursable contractor work. Administering to and managing all WSMR agreements is an additional opportunity to collaborate across WSMR and its neighboring communities, organizations and agencies.
  • Accounting: The increased need to be accountable and auditable across the DOD has increased the roles and responsibilities of accountants in the various services. The Management and Accounting Division provides accounting policy guidance and overall accounting systems and operations support to WSMR mission organizations. This branch overseas and is responsible for the Government Travel Card Program, the Joint Reconciliation Program, debt management, timekeeping, general accounting research and oversight of interfacing data files from other systems. Financial systems managed and overseen within the branch include the Automated Time Attendance and Production System, the Defense Travel System, the Wide Area Workflow, the Standard Operations Maintenance and Research Development System (SOMARDS), the SOMARDS Financial Information Management System and the General Fund Enterprise Business System.