The Center for Countermeasures (the Center) is a joint activity that directs, coordinates, supports and conducts independent countermeasure/counter-countermeasure (CM/CCM) T&E activities of U.S. and foreign weapons systems, subsystems, sensors and related components. The Center accomplishes this work in support of DOT&E, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test and Evaluation ((DASD(DT&E)), weapon systems developers and the services. The Center’s testing and analyses directly support evaluations of the operational effectiveness and suitability of CM/CCM systems.

Specifically, the Center:

  • Determines performance and limitations of missile warning and aircraft survivability equipment (ASE) used on rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.
  • Determines effectiveness of precision guided weapon (PGW) systems and subsystems when operating in an environment degraded by CMs.
  • Develops and evaluates CM/CCM techniques and devices.
  • Operates unique test equipment that supports testing across the DOD.
  •  Provides analyses and recommendations on CM/CCM effectiveness to Service Program Offices, DOT&E, DASD (DT&E) and the services.
  • Supports service member exercises, training and pre-deployment activities.

The Center makes recommendations for improvements to system developers and decision-makers as well as to the OSD. These activities and recommendations contribute greatly to the production of robust ASE and CM-hardened U.S. weapons systems and the improved capabilities necessary for these systems to function effectively in the increasingly hostile environments found on the modern asymmetrical battlefield. Fully mobile test teams from the Center are capable of operating under a wide variety of environmental CM/CCM test operation