The 586 FLTS plans, analyzes, coordinates and conducts flight tests of advanced weapons and avionics systems, primarily on WSMR. In addition, the unit provides deployable operational support for test aircraft staging out of Holloman Air Force Base. The squadron provides a variety of services ranging from aircraft bed down to facilities providing a high level of security to its customers.

The 586 FLTS operates four highly modified T-38C aircraft equipped to support a wide variety of flight test operations. Capabilities include: sub-meter accurate time, space, position, information (TSPI) system, chaff, flare, RADAR altimeter, digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) electronic attack (EA), pylon-mounted sensor, weapon or towed target carriage and multiple format photographic coverage.

The squadron also operates a highly modified C-12J (Beech 1900) with multiple external antennae and internal pallet configurations for guidance and navigation, avionics and electronics testing. It is also equipped with an external pylon for sensor and weapon captive carriage with corresponding internal real-time operator interface. Additionally, the squadron operates a modified C-12F (Beech 200), which is configurable to a customer’s specific test requirements.