Mission Statement

The Collective Training Division (CTD) develops and provides collective training products for the Engineer Regiment’s operational force for the active and reserve components. CTD provides unit training products including Standardized METL, Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS), Unit Task List (UTL), Engineer Qualification Tables (EQT), Construction Qualification Tables (CQT), and Operational STRAC.​

Areas of Responsibility 

  • Engineer Collective Tasks
  • Engineer Drills
  • Unit Task Lists (UTL)     
  • Combined Arms Training Strategies(CATS) 
  • Engineer Training Models (COMPO 1,2,3)


Standards in Training Commission (STRAC)

  • Home Station Training Strategy 
  • DA PAM 350-38 Chapter 6


  • Mission Essential Task Lists (Standardized METL)
  • Engineer Qualification Tables (EQT)              TC 3-34.150
  • Construction Qualification Tables  (CQT)      TC 3-34.500
  • Bridge Crewmember Qualification Tables (BCQT) TC 3-34.200
  • Inland Petroleum Distribution System (IPDS) TC 3-34.530

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