Course Description:

Course number 830-F33-ASIZ6.

Trains selected Patrol Explosive Detector Dogs and Soldier in the skills of advanced off-leash training utilizing an electronic collar


The Patrol Explosive Detector Dog- Enhanced Course provides a Soldier and Military Working Dog (MWD) to commanders that meet the challenges of continued threats from explosive hazards by providing an enhanced off-leash capability.


·         Only 31K MWD Handlers (SL1-SL3) with a minimum of one-year experience, paired with an assigned PEDD may attend the course.

·         PEDDs must have certified at least once IAW HQDA certification standards prior to attending the PEDD-E course.

·         Kennel Masters will evaluate all PEDD Teams and select PEDDs that are six (6) years old or younger.

·         Waivers are required for handlers with less than one-year of experience, PEDDs over six years old and for uncertified teams.  Waiver request will go through their Kennel Master, Company Commander and the first 0-5/ LTC in their chain of command.  Leadership will submit the waiver request through the ACOM/ ASCC/ DRU MWD Program Manager to the PEDD-E Course Manager.

·         Handlers must have a minimum of one year remaining on station upon graduation.

·         Handlers attending this course must possess a Government Travel Card, pass the APFT within the past thirty days, and meet height and weight requirements IAW AR 600-9.

·         Commanders must ensure that handlers meet the service remaining requirement IAW AR 614-200, Table 4-1.

·         Handlers must be able to lift seventy pounds and cannot be on a temporary medical profile. If the handler has a permanent profile, Commanders will ensure handlers are medically capable to complete the course IAW prescribed profile.

·         Handlers must be able to see red/green color differences.  Handlers with a PULHES rating greater than 2 for their eyes are not qualified to attend the PEDD-E course.

·         PEDDs will not show signs of handler aggression or possess an extensive history of unprovoked bites as determined by the Commander's assessment.

·         Identify PEDD's titration level on Lackland Form 375.

·         PEDDs must be capable of performing tasks after receiving verbal or physical corrections.

·         PEDDs must be proficient in all obedience tasks.

·         This course will only accept Medical Category I and II MWDs for course attendance.

·         Kennel masters will obtain a certificate of assessment from the supporting Veterinary Corps Officer (VCO) medically clearing the selected MWDs no later than thirty days prior to the course report date. Send the certificate of assessment to the OPMG MWD Program Manager and USAMPS PEDD-E Branch Chief.

·         Complete individual medical readiness (IMR) items (including periodic health assessment and current dental exam), physical profile documentation and post-deployment health reassessment (PDHRA) in accordance with AR 600-8-101, paragraph 3-2d (7) and DA form 5123, item 4b; and TRADOC Regulation 350-18, paragraphs 3-21c, 3-21d, and 3-22.

*Address exceptions to these prerequisites to the Director of Training & Education (DOT&E), USAMPS, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8929.


Special Information:

This is an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) producing course for personnel qualified in primary MOS 31K.


·         Incorporate the Electronic Collar into Basic Skills and Controlled Aggression

·         Teach Off-Leash Directional Control

·         Perform Personnel and Explosive Detection from Stand-Off

Class Schedules:

Currently the course is twelve weeks long, 60 days of instruction and 4 administrative/ travel days. To get the most up-to-date class schedule for this course follow these three easy steps at the ATRRS web site:

·         Enter the "Course Number": 830-F33

·         Enter the MP "School Code": 191

·         Press the "Search the ATRRS Course Catalog" button.


Questions and information concerning this course can be directed to the PEDD-E Course manager (573) 596-4095 or at Request you put the course name in the subject line as well as your e-mail address and phone number.

Graduation Dates:

Graduation date will be on the last day of the course as listed in ATRRS at approximately 0900hrs. Due to varying travel times, rental vehicle returns, and heightened security requirements at airports; students should not plan early departures (prior to 1830hrs on the day of graduation) from either Springfield or St Louis Airports.

Transportation Issues:

Rental vehicle must be coordinated with your current command for approval and your orders must state: “Rental Vehicle is Authorized”.

Billeting and Per Diem Issues:

Billeting and Per Diem will be determined on the location of the course. Fort Leonard Wood billeting can be reached Commercial: (573) 596-0999 or DSN: 581-0999. Coordinate Per Diem issues with your unit prior to course attendance.

Where to Report:

Upon arrival into the FLW area, report directly to Bldg. 5429A (Advanced MWD Training Facility) to house your MWD prior to checking into hotel. All students are required to report to Building 2020, Candlewood Suites hotel located at 4990 Nebraska Ave for current in-processing information. In the unlikely event the hotel is closed, students will report to the Installation Operations Center (IOC) Watch Officer located in Headquarters Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (HQ MSCoE), Hoge Hall, building 3200, (573) 563-6126.


(573) 596-4301

13351 East 20th Street, Bldg 1022