Military Police Training Phases
  Basic (I - III) and AIT (IV & V)

Military Police One Station Unit Training (OSUT) is comprised of both Basic Training (BT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Completion of Military Police OSUT training awards a Soldier either the 31B (Military Police) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).
OSUT consists of the following five training phases:
Army Basic Training:
Phase I - Orientation and Soldierization
Phase II - Weapons Training
Phase III - Individual Tactical Training Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Army Advanced Individual Training:
Phase IV - Military Police Law and Order (31B)
Phase V - Military Police Combat Support Field Training Exercise (FTX)

AIT Graduation (Visitors Welcome!)

Phase I "Patriot" - Orientation and Soldierization Total Control:
* Emphasis on transition from civilian to Soldier
* Enforcement of company policy and standards
* Drill Sergeant Intensive
* Instill the Army’s Values and Command Philosophy into Soldiers’ everyday life

Phase II "Gunfighter" - Weapons Training:
Becoming a Soldier
* Emphasis on self-discipline
* M16A2 (rifle) qualification
* Bayonet assault course
* Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) training
* Less Drill Sergeant control

Phase III "Warrior" - Individual Tactical Training:
Leadership 101
1. Greater emphasis on self-discipline
2. Increase in troop leadership
3. Highlights:
* United States Weapons
* Field Training Exercise (FTX)
* Hand Grenades
* End of Cycle Test
* Army Values Tag Ceremony

Phase IV & Phase V - MP Combat Support Operations and MP Law Enforcement Operations - 31B

These phases of the course are designed to teach you, the individual Soldier, the Skill Level 1 Critical tasks required to become a Military Police Soldier.



* Advanced Communications and Advanced Map Reading skills
* Crew Served Weapons (M2 .50cal MG and Mk19 AGL)
* Preventive maintenance, checks, and services (PMCS) and driving the HMMWV (on and off road)
* Small Arms (M9 pistol qualification)
* MP Law Enforcement Operations
* Defensive Tactics and Techniques
* Detainee Operations
* Active shooter response
* Tactical Operations
* Battlefield Forensics
* Company Field Training Exercise (FTX)
* "Rites of Passage" Ceremony


This majority of the training takes place in Stem Village. Stem Village is a realistic Law Enforcement training complex, featuring a variety of building styles such the family housing, the theater, barracks, a snack bar and a mock MP station.

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