This course is designed to teach you, the individual Soldier, the Critical Skill Level 1 tasks required to become an Corrections and Detention Specialist.
You will received training in the following:
(1) U.S. Military Corrections/Detainee Operations/Enemy Prisoner of War
(2) Introduction to the MP Corps to include MP history
(3) Interpersonal Communication skills
(4) Preventive maintenance, checks, and services (PMCS)
(5) Reports and Forms to include:
     1. Receipts for Inmates or Detained Persons
     2. Blotter at a Corrections Facility
     3. Inmate Observation/Disciplinary reports
     4. Sworn Statements
     5. Chain of Custody
(6) Hand & Leg restraints, Belly chains, Flexicuffs, Bodycuff
(7) Access/Egress to a Facility, Facility Visits
(8) Area Inspection/Shakedowns
(9) U.S. Military Prisoner/Detainee searches
(10) Supervising Work Activities, Dining Operations, Controlling Movement
(11) Crime Scene Protection
(12) Close Confinement Procedures
(13) Riot Control procedures to include Batons and Shields
(14) Emergency procedures including Escapes, Fire, Disorders, Bomb Threat, and Indirect Fire
(15) Escort U.S. Prisoners/Detainees by Motor Vehicle
(16) Forced Cell Move Team training
(17) 9MM/Shotgun weapons training and qualification
(18) Unarmed self defense
(19) 64 hour field training exercise


The purpose of this web site is to give you, the future Corrections/Detention Specialist, a better understanding of what you will be taught and will learn while attending the course.


· Packing list (See Below) all items required upon entry to course
· Physical fitness: You will be required to pass an Army Physical Fitness Test in accordance with (IAW) your age and gender standards outlined in FM 21-20. This Army Physical Fitness Test is a graduation requirement. You cannot attend the course on a temporary profile.
· Weight standards: You must be IAW AR 600-9 upon entering this course. If you do not meet the body fat standards you will not be enrolled into this course
· TA-50 is required for Reclassifying Soldiers. IET Soldiers will be issued TA-50 while inprocessing.
Reclassifying Soldiers must bring their ACH, Wet Weather and Cold Weather Gear, Eye and hearing protection, as well as a water source.
All Soldiers must bring their entire clothing bag, including Army Combat Uniform, Army Service Uniform IPFU, and undergarments.
· 201 File must accompany each Soldier
· Bring all orders and any amendments to your orders
· Valid civilian drivers license
· Military drivers license (OF 346) with your military driving record (DA Form 348)
· Security clearance: All Military Police, 31B AND 31E, Soldiers must be able to obtain and maintain a secret security clearance. You will need to bring the following with you to the course:
(1) Personal information dating back 7 years to complete
(2) A background investigation for your security clearance
(3) Where you lived and dates you moved from place to place
(4) Phone numbers of friends, family, and work
(5) Dates of birth for your family members as well as social security numbers
(6) If possible, contact your unit security manager for an official memorandum stating the status of your clearance if you have initiated a clearance prior to arriving here at the course
(7) Copies of any security clearance initiated (SF 86) or (EPSQ)
(8) All efforts should be made to complete the EPSQ (SF 86) prior to reporting to the course


Initial Entry Soldiers are NOT authorized to bring Privately Owned Vehicles (POV).
Reclassifying Soldiers. POVs are authorized to have and utilize after duty hours while at this course. Ensure all required documents are present - registration, insurance, and your driver's license are mandatory for POV usage. For a rental vehicle all rental agreements/paperwork must be kept with the vehicle. You will not be allowed to drive to and from training.

Prohibited Items

* Weapons of any kind
* Illegal substances
* Pets of any kind


The following is a list of publications that you can reference to prepare you for this course:
a. ATP 3-39.33 Civil Disturbances
b. ATTP 3-39.10 Law and Order Operations
c. FM 3-39 Military Police Operations
d. FM 3-19.4 MP Leader's Handbook
e. FM 3-63 Detainee Operations
f. STP 19-31E1-SM Soldier’s Manual, MOS 31E, Internment/Resettlement Specialist, Skill Level 1

Reporting procedures

For those arriving via POV, it is recommended that you stop at the main gate and obtain directions and a post map.

If arriving between 0800-1700 hours, MON-FRI, report to Building 470. Be sure to inprocess through the Student Training Division, 2nd floor.

If arriving on Fort Leonard Wood after duty hours, report to Building 844 on Iowa Ave, 14th MP Bde HQ. This is where the Brigade SDNCO is located. Cadre will be notified upon your arrival.

For those arriving via plane, the barracks and Brigade HQ are 1 mile from the Fort Leonard Wood Airport.

The Brigade SDNCO phone number is Commercial (573) 596-0424. If calling from an on post military phone, dial 6-0424.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact the cadre at the following email address with ''31E Course' in the subject

For information about Fort Leonard Wood, go to

Packing List

Packing list information click here