Course Description:

Course number is 9E-F4/950-F3. To prepare Antiterrorism Officers above the Brigade level with the skills and knowledge required to be the Commander's Antiterrorism Program Manager.

For Antiterrorism Courses conducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO:

 All students must be present to train on Day 1 (Monday) of this course.

 Reporting time on (Monday) Day 1 is 0700hrs. Students who fail to show will be instructed to return to their units.

Students will not be allowed to leave early just because they have an early flight. Do not plan your flight any earlier than 2030hrs from the St. Louis airport if attending the course at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

If flying out of the Ft. Leonard Wood airport do not plan your flight any earlier than 1730hrs. Highly recommend students plan to travel on Saturday after completion of the course for safety reasons.

This course is not conducted as Mobile Training 


Encompasses training students in the roles and responsibilities of an Antiterrorism Officer above the brigade level. Training includes roles and responsibilities, introduction to the incident command, leading an AT working group, threat analysis with JARVISS, developing an AT plan, developing an annual exercise, coordinating for AT resources, reviewing a construction plan, developing a RAM program, conducting a HHQ review, CBRNE AT planning, end of course exercise, and a fusion cell briefing.

  • Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course
  • Military personnel: Enlisted grades E-7 and above
  • Warrant and Commissioned officers.
  • Civilian personnel: GS-05 and above
  • Contract personnel assigned to duties as Antiterrorism Officers.
  • Waivers for U.S. Army personnel below the grade of E-7
  • Grade waiver requests must have strong justification for consideration
  • Address exceptions to these prerequisites to the Director of Training & Education (DOT&E), USAMPS, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8929.
  • This course is NOT releasable to students from foreign countries.

Special Information:
This course was formerly titled Antiterrorism Program Manager Course (ATPM). It is an Inter-service Training Review Organization (ITRO) course with the Army and U.S. Marine Corps.

Roles and responsibilities

Introduction to the incident command

Leading an AT working group

Threat analysis with JARVISS

Developing an AT plan

Developing an annual exercise

Coordinating for AT resources

Reviewing a construction plan

Developing a RAM program

Conducting a HHQ review

CBRNE AT planning

End of course exercise

Fusion cell briefing.

Class Schedules:
Currently the course is five days long, 40 hours of instruction, and will start on Monday and graduate on Friday. To get the most up-to-date class schedule for this course follow these three easy steps at the ATRRS web site:
  • Enter the "Course Number" - 9E-F4/950-F3
  • Enter the MP "School Code": 191
  • Press the "Search the ATRRS Course Catalog" button.

   ATOC Welcome letter and FLW Map

Packing Lists:
  • Each student is required to have the following individual equipment items readily available throughout the training:
  • Duty uniform for Military personnel 
  • Seasonal clothing (rain gear, cold weather gear, etc.)
  • Pen/paper for note taking
  • Civilians should wear appropriate business casual attire
Questions and information concerning this course can be directed to the Force Protection Training Division administrative office at (573) 596-1535 or at Request you put the course name in the subject line as well as your email address and phone number.


Graduation Dates:
Graduations will be on Friday at approximately 1600 hrs. Due to varying travel times, rental car returns, and heightened security requirements at airports, students should not plan early departures, prior to 2030 hours on the day of graduation.  Recommend you travel on Saturday.

Transportation Issues:
If POV is authorized on your orders, ensure that your orders state: "IN AND AROUND MILEAGE IS AUTHORIZED". If you desire a rental vehicle, you must coordinate with your current command for approval and YOUR ORDERS MUST STATE: "RENTAL VEHICLE IS AUTHORIZED". Taxi service is available for students without a POV or rental vehicle. It is common for Students to be billeted off post up to 25 miles from Fort Leonard Wood. Commanders are highly encouraged to authorize rental vehicles.


Billeting and Per Diem Issues:

a. See Welcome Letter for Billeting

b. For Safety reasons, It is highly recommended that students do not leave until Saturday due to the distance to the airports.

Where to Report:
For Fort Leonard Wood in Residence Courses, all students are required to report to Building 2020, Candlewood Suites hotel located at 4990 Nebraska Ave for current in-processing information. In the unlikely event the hotel is closed, students will report to the Installation Operations Center (IOC) Watch Officer located in Headquarters Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (HQ MSCoE), Hoge Hall, building 3200, (573) 563-6126. The Resident Course is conducted in building 971 (Parker Hall) in room 118, located in the basement.