Currently there is no change to our current operations as they are dictated by SIA (Special Issuance Authority).

State Dept. is processing but only under their current status capabilities and at a limited capacity.   When State Dept. becomes fully operational they will process all applications under a first in, first out and in a routine status unless otherwise reviewed and authorized upgrade by DET.   See information below.

Personnel with listed PCS of Aug2020/Sep2020/Oct2020 are not critical submissions and may be submitted at a later date to prevent backlog and hindrance to the system while processing upcoming moves.

Urgent travel is that identified to occur within 72 hours of request and supported by ETP signed by O7/SES.

TDY, TAD travel may be submitted utilizing the same review as PCS travel. Additionally personnel required to travel during the stop movement period must provide the necessary ETP signed by O7/SES.

ETP memorandums submitted by personnel describing travel outside the stop movement period will not be reviewed.

ETP memorandums in regards to "dependent family members" are not justified as Essential Mission Personnel.  ETP memos must clearly identify hardship to qualify.

DoD has Stop movement order and only urgent cases are being processed in expedited fashion and must be supported by Exception to Policy(ETP).

If the request is approved, SIA will arrange directly with Agencies or individuals to submit applications and distribute mission-critical passports.  Agencies should be prepared to provide a trackable shipping label for passports being mailed to domestic addresses.

Please note:  SIA is at mission critical staffing and processing applications for urgent mission critical international travel only. Additional processing will continue upon resumption of normal services.  Due to this interruption, processing times will be unpredictable.  Any non-mission critical passports will remain on file at SIA until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.  This information is subject to change.  SIA continues to accept applications received in the mail.

Important: The Frankfurt Consulate does not process Tourist Passport applications for DoD ID card holders. All Passport applications must go through the Passport office on Clay Kaserne.

Garrison Passport Services

  •  Consular Report of Birth (includes birth certificate, passport and SSN processing)
  •  Passport applications (initial, lost/stolen, mutilated, renewal and name changes)
  •  SOFA Identification Certificates

Passport Documents Needed

Tourist Passports

Official Passports

Click here to fill out and print passport applications.

Official Forms

Passport Forms

  • DS-82–Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail (renewals only)
  • DS-5504–Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement
  • DS-3053–Statement of Consent or Special Circumstances for minors under age 16

Lost or stolen passports:

  • DS-11–Application for a U.S. Passport
  • DS-64–Statement Regarding Lost of Stolen Passport
  • Police or Military Police report (obtained from Police)

Form SS-5–Application for Social Security Card

Affidavit of Parentage and Physical Presence

Immigration Visa (Green Card)

U.S. Embassy Visa

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)


Photo Guidelines

Travel Visa –Contact the consulate or embassy of the country to which you are traveling

SOFA Information

Command-sponsored family members and stateside-hire civilians should receive a SOFA stamp in their no-fee passport before arriving in Germany, however, if this does not occur the local USAG Wiesbaden SOFA office may assist. The documentation needed for U.S. Forces members to obtain SOFA certificates for their foreign national or non-command-sponsored dependents include their PCS or TDY orders assigning them to Germany and their dependents; passports and ID. For local hire civilians, contractors and their family members, an AE Form 600-77A is required from their servicing personnel office or sponsoring agency. In addition, the dependents' passports and valid ID cards are also required. All family members must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). If dependents do not possess a valid ID card(i.e. children under the age of 10), the sponsor will need to provide a DD Form 1172-2 as verification that the dependents are enrolled in DEERS.

Helpful Hints

  • In the block “mail to” type the following address: USAG Wiesbaden, Unit 29623 ATTN: Passports APO AE 09005-9623. Do not use CMR or P.O. Box.
  • Be sure to use the applicant’s permanent physical address (German address or stateside home of record)
  • Complete the emergency contact section
  • Use full German civilian telephone numbers–no DSN
  • Provide parent's given name at birth
  • Expedite fees are not available overseas
  • If the printed application does not have a barcode in the upper left margin, it is the wrong application – Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Applications must be printed only on one side of the paper