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Native Liaison group work image
Native Liaison group work image
Native Liaison group work image
Native Liaison group work image
Native Liaison group work image
Native Liaison group work image

Native Liasion

Federal agencies and federally-recognized tribes share a government-to-government relationship addressed by Executive Order (EO) 13175: Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments. This unique relationship is based on recognition of the inherent sovereignty of tribal governments, the right of tribes to self-governance and self-determination, and the trust responsibility to tribes held by the Federal government. Tribal governments are considered domestic dependent nations, sovereign entities within the boundaries of the United States.

U. S. Army Alaska and U. S. Army Garrison Alaska support the policy of tribal self-determination by supporting Army’s government-to-government relationship with tribes and implementing the Army American Indian and Alaska Native Policy , Department of Defense (DoD) American Indian and Alaska Native Policy, the policy’s Alaska Implementation Guidance, and DoD Instruction 4710.02: Interactions with Federally-Recognized Tribes . The Army in Alaska continually strives to implement an effective process that ensures meaningful and timely consultation with tribal governments during the development of Army projects and policies with potential implications to tribes and tribal rights.

Army-withdrawn lands in Alaska support resources that have been utilized by the Alaska Native community for thousands of years. The Army in Alaska acknowledges that Alaska Native tribal governments will have a continued interest in the management of those lands. The Native Liaison / government-to-government program, including this web page, is part of Army’s effort to maintain open communication and increase the transparency of Army projects to Alaska Native tribal governments.

The U. S. Army Garrison Alaska Native Liaison provides cultural awareness to incoming Army personnel, guidance to garrison command, and program support for garrison entities.  Additionally the Native Liaison is a Point of Contact for information which might be helpful to Alaska Native tribal governments or the Native community. The Native Liaison can be contacted at (907) 361-3002.

Government-to-Government Relations Drivers

References and Educational Resources

DoD Native Liaison: Points of Contact - COMING SOON - There are eight Tribal/Native Liaisons working for Department of Defense agencies in Alaska. Find contact information and areas of responsibility for each here.

Alaska's Native Community and the U.S. Army in Alaska
Alaska's Native Community and U.S. Army Alaska was produced for Soldier education at Forts Wainwright and Richardson. Incoming Soldiers at Fort Wainwright receive this brochure and a 30 minute presentation on Alaska. Native cultural awareness during their Newcomer Orientation.

DENIX - Native American Affairs
The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has a webpage referencing the OSD’s Native Affairs Program across the country. The Department of Defense Senior Advisor and Liaison for Native American Affairs sits in the Environmental Management Directorate under the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations & Environment).

U.S. Dept. of the Interior Indian Affairs - FAQs
The Bureau of Indian Affairs FAQ page answers many common questions about tribes—their governments, history, lands, and relationship to the federal government.

Working with Alaska Native Tribes & Entities
This is the Bureau of Land Management’s training entitled, “Working with Alaska Native Tribes and Entities.” (22 minutes)

Native American Program Fact Sheet
The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is the federal body that monitors and arbitrates federal undertakings that fall under the National Historic Preservation Act. Their Office of Native American Affairs offers guidance and matters related to the Section 106 review process and Native American/Native Hawaiian communities. 

A Citizen's Guide to the NEPA
The Council on Environmental Quality is the Executive Branch’s body that monitors application of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Their publication, A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA: Having Your Voice Heard, provides information about the role of tribes in the NEPA process.

Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible To Receive Services From the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs
This listing in the Federal Register contains the names of all tribes within the United States recognized by the federal government.

Chapter 33—Alaska Native Claims Settlement
This page discusses the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 and the resulting Alaska Native Corporations.

Quarterly Updates for Alaska Native Tribes