Our Mission is to ensure equal employment opportunity for all civilian personnel.

The Vision of the EEO program is to foster a transparent cultural climate such that employees regard Fort Wainwright Alaska as a great place to work (tenant units inclusive).

The Function of our office is to administer and implement the Fort Wainwright Alaska's EEO program by managing the following areas:

  • Compliance and Program Evaluation
    Establish standards and ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Includes interpreting and applying laws and regulations, conducting surveys, developing policies, performing assessments, collecting data and managing accommodation Issues.
  • Advisory Services
    Advise all levels of management and employees regarding EEO related issues. Including providing program overview, conducting assessments, participating in strategic planning and special committees, presenting briefings, and researching special problems.
  • Complaint Program Management
    Process all EEO complaints of discrimination in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. This consists of all stages of the process (pre-complaint, mediation, formal complaint, investigation, hearing, settlement, etc.) including the necessary correspondence and coordination.
  • Training and Education
    Provide proactive, on-going training and education programs regarding EEO and civilian employment issues. This includes EEO for managers/employees, EEO Counselor training, Mediation training, and newcomers briefing.
Affirmative Employment Program ( AEP ):

Develop and publicize AEP plans and manage implementation of AEP program. Includes compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions directive MD-715 requiring statistical analysis, self-assessment and development of a viable plan to eliminate identified barriers to equal employment opportunity.

Reasonable Accommodation Program:

Direct, monitor and implement the Reasonable Accommodation Program according to the Army guidance.