Our Mission:

The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides maintenance, construction, planning, programming, design, public works services, fire protection, and customer services to the installation in an environmentally sound and fiscally responsible manner.

We provide quality housing, training, maintenance, and community facilities and services in support of the US Army mission and training. Our success is measured by the positive response of commanders, soldiers, and their families.



Environmental Division

The Environmental Division of the Directorate Public Works manages all aspects of environmental regulation compliance, restoration, conservation, and planning.

Housing Division

The Housing Division offers referral assistance and provides handout material, including area maps, rental/sales booklets, brochures, etc.

Master Planning Division

The Master Planning Office develops and maintains Real Property Master Plans, conducts Real Property Planning Board meetings, provides Major Construction Programming Services, provides maximum utilization of Facilities Services, provides Real Property Accountability Services, grants use of Army Real Property and disposes of Real Estate, Facilities, and Real Estate Interests.

Operations & Maintenance Division

Supports the Fort Wainwright mission through effective use of energy, providing and maintaining sustainable facilities and infrastructure, and emphasizing a culture of safety.

Business Operations Integration Division

The Business Operations Integration Division provides management of directorate resources, information technology, human resources, and organizational strategic planning along with financial planning, analysis, programming support, and industrial engineering services.

Engineering Division

Provides engineering support and construction project management to Fort Wainwright. DPW's Engineering Division plans, organizes, coordinates, and oversees master planning, execution of design, construction, and real property management.