Before your first day


Receives CPAC Welcome email

Employee prepares for first day procedures

Completes required paperwork


Supervisor receives notice to prepare for new employee’s arrival

Supervisor assigns sponsor (if employee requested)

Supervisor sends welcome email to new employee, with a CC to the sponsor (if one has been requested)

First 30 days


Meets with supervisor to work on Performance Elements and Standards; learns leadership expectations

Enrolls in Foundation Civilian Education System (CES) Course

Supervisors also enroll in the Supervisory Development Course (SDC) CES Course

Completes Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Works on and completes mandatory training


Identifies work requirements

Provides mandatory and work-related training requirements

Provides new team member with necessary tools to accomplish duties and clearly lay out expectations

First 180 days


Completes the Foundation CES Course

Supervisors complete the SDC CES Course

Completes mid-point performance counseling session/IDP update

Completes mandatory training


Completes mid-cycle counseling

Updates IDP as needed

Continues to provide guidance and seek feedback from new employee

First year


Completes onboarding requirements (Phases 1 through 5)

Completes onboarding survey

Schedules and completes annual performance appraisal session/IDP update

Completes mandatory training

Attends a Pre-retirement Seminar


Recognizes positive employee contributions

Provides formal and informal feedback on performance

Coaches, counsels, and mentors employee along the way

Completes Performance Appraisal; closes out onboarding checklist