The Kansas City Resident Agency,  U.S. Army Counterintelligence Command Region III,  has primary responsibility for Army Counterintelligence activities in support of Army and DoD facilities, forces, technologies and government contractors by detecting, identifying, neutralizing, and exploiting Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS), international terrorist threats and insider threats to US Military forces at Fort Riley and throughout Kansas and Nebraska.


Reporting a CI Incident

If there is an immediate threat to life, limb, or property, please call 911!

If you have witnessed or suspect any of the following please report to our office, via iSalute, or 1-800-CALL-SPY. If after hours, you may call our duty agent phone at 301-974-7556.

  • Failure to protect information and follow guidelines for handling classified information.
  • Unauthorized persons ask about Army forces, secrets, technologies, etc. in person or thru email.
  • Any known, suspected or contemplated acts of espionage, or physical attack, by any person or group.
  • If inappropriately searched, detained or questioned about your job while traveling in a foreign country, or have official documents stolen or confiscated.
  • Contact with foreign military or intelligence personnel.
  • Unauthorized intrusions or theft of a sensitive computer system.
  • Deliberate security violations or compromises.
  • Any domestic or international terrorist threats or suspicions.
  • Discovery of technical surveillance device in sensitive areas.
  • Any diversion or attempted diversion of U.S. technology to a foreign nation.
  • Encouraging disruptive behavior or disobedience to lawful orders.
  • Expressing hatred or intolerance of American society or culture.
  • Expressing sympathy for organizations that promote violence.
  • Expressing extreme anxiety about or refusing a deployment.
  • Associating with or expressing loyalty or support for terrorists.
  • Browsing websites that promote or advocate violence against the U.S, or distributing terrorist literature or propaganda via the Internet.
  • Expressing extreme outrage against U.S. Military operations.
  • Advocating violence to achieve political / religious / ideological goals.
  • Providing financial or other materiel support to a terrorist organization.
  • Seeking spiritual sanctioning for or voicing an obligation to engage in violence in support of a radical or extremist organization or cause.
  • Membership in a violent, extremist or terrorist group, or adopting an ideology that advocates violence, extremism, or radicalism.
  • Purchasing bomb making materials or obtaining information on bomb construction and use.
  • Engaging in paramilitary training with radical or extremist organizations, either home or abroad.
  • Having ties to known or suspected international terrorists, extremists, radicals, or their supporters.
  • An employee released from or not selected for employment, promotion, or bonus; who exhibits severe signs of PTSD, and who appears disgruntled and violent.

Threat Awareness Reporting Program Training

AR 350-1 Army Training and Leader Development - TARP annual training requirement

AR 381-12 Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP) - mandates live training for areas with organic Counterintelligence (CI) agents. The Fort Riley Field Office provides this training upon request by units and other supported units/activities on Fort Riley and throughout Kansas and Nebraska.

To request live TARP training, please email the Fort Riley Field Office at

For remote areas without CI assets, the only other authorized method of training is online through the Army Learning Management System. This is a CAC enabled site. Once on the ALMS site, click on Mandatory Training. The TARP link is at the bottom.

Counterintelligence Recruiting Program

How to Become an Army Counterintelligence Agent

Army Counterintelligence is an application-based 20-level MOS. If you are interested in becoming a CI agent please visit This is a CAC-enabled site. Once logged on, scroll to the bottom-left of the main column under "Announcements/Events" to the "Army Counterintelligence Recruiting Program" link. Select this link to learn more about the MOS and start an application packet. Once the packet is completed, schedule an appointment with our office to review your packet and schedule your interview.

Currently, the MOS is open to qualified E-4s. The following are the minimum prerequisites for application:

  • Minimum of 21 years old or will be at least 21 years old upon completion of 35L Course.
  • Eligible to obtain/maintain a TOP SECRET Clearance w/SCI.
  • Minimum ST Score of 101 (on or after 1 Jul 04).
  • Physical Profile of 222221.
  • Free of objectionable accents or speech impediments.
  • Knowledge of English grammar and punctuation.
  • Ability to reason and express yourself in writing.
  • Must hold a valid civilian driver license.
  • Minimum of 16 months remaining upon completion of CI Special Agents Course or willing to extend/re-enlist.
  • Never been a member of the Peace Corps.
  • No record of conviction by Court-Martial.
  • No conviction by a civil court for any offense other than minor traffic violations.
  • Must be U.S. Citizen.
  • No commercial or vested interest (Soldier or Spouse) in a country of special concern (IAW AR 381-12, Appendix B, Threat Awareness and Reporting Program).
  • Must be able to pass a standard APFT and be in compliance with weight/body fat standards IAW AR 600-9, The Army Body Composition Program.